Volvo Twin Concept Rides: Paris Motor Show

The Paris Motor Show may not have expected the twin surprises put up by Volvo which left many gazed.

Two highly advanced concept cars were the show stealer’s as well as stoppers at the Paris Motor Show. In the striking ‘rebel blue’ body was Volvo V40 R-Design, and the handsome V40 Cross Country. Standing with the ready to hit the road feel, Volvo V40 R-Design is in stain metal frame with grille. This wagon is equipped with twin exhaust pipes, sport chassis (optional), diamond cut 17-18 inches wheel, distinctive diffuser and new shocks.

Volvo V40 R Design Concept Car Volvo V40 Cross Country Concept Car

The engine is available in turbo-charged 2.5 liter I-5 and turbo diesel 1.6 liter, super for auto-adventure fans. This Polestar shade model is an under dog and the launch of the same in the market will charge up the demand for skilled concept cars.

Though both the wagons have a meager chance to reach the Untied States market, we may vouch on Volvo V40 Cross Country performance graded to the level. This model belongs to the genus of XC70 (version of V70) and XC70. The Volvo Cross Country is a “ready to chase” sedan, fondly flaunting its faux-skid plates, grille and distinctive bumpers giving this roaring machine a very classic gold look. The wheels are taken from XC70 and there is a lot already been said for the engine performance.

These are globally in demand concept riding machines, despite the fact that there is no entrance to the United States auto industry.

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