Virtually Tiled – Three Dimensional Flooring

Is the concept ‘Go-Digital’ taken a bit too seriously by designers when 3D tiles entered the market? I couldn’t resist sharing this hi-tech mechanism designed for our floors and walls. Yes, it is some stunning art beyond boring ceramic tiles and red-brown wall paintings.

Interior Design - 3D Tiles

The technology is called Digitiles, where virtual methods are used to print tiles digitally and in high resolution. The variety in this type of designing is wide; you can personalize your tiles and also colors through six-color prism printing technology for premium quality output. The matter used can be as simple as used for normal tiles like stone, wood, marble, etc. though the marble finished are long lasting. If you can increase the scale of luxury, textures in metallic, copper, steel and patterns in gold, bronze, silver may be used. The finished product is easy to clean, odor free, smooth finishing on the edges and corners and can be customized as per customers taste.

“Digital Tiles with a natural finish are in great demand. These tiles add instant glamour and panache to any space. This new rage that has been created using innovative digital printing provides enthralling natural material finishes. As elegant as natural materials, tiled floors are easier to lay, look more fashionable and are quite sustainable” says Sanjeev Ranjan, Dy GM Marketing, Somany Ceramics Ltd. Shades of reds, peach and brown in diagrammatical shapes for both walls and floors are increasingly being used in restaurant and cafeteria, as the overall visualization of the design is very chic and modern. The versatility of digitiles is spotless and thus it’s a hot sale in market. The architectonic formation of these tiles is varied, a mosaic figure, collage, abstract for walls and techno colors for flooring, its super demanded!

The tiles are available in limited sizes to fit places but then that is function based. The designer can use it for a room with all plain walls, 3D tiles used on wall and it will draw out elegancy naturally. This minimizes too music drama in the décor. Portraits can be used in place of paintings and lot of experiments can be done with kid’s room pertaining to colored 3D tiles.

The idea is to go beyond paint and paper. Various dimensional tiles and sizes should be used by the interior designer to enhance space and height wherever required. For bathrooms, barrier free, joint free and smaller tile should be used. The living room may be donned with bold colors and eccentric patterns. The natural or photo like finish, any of them, may be attained as per room décor. As the concept is three dimensional, it should be a visual treat.

Companies like Johnson, Somany, Nitco, DIY and Zenith are some of the brands where these 3D tiles are easily available.

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