Learn the Truth Behind these Four Myths of Bedroom Design

Truth behind myth of bedroom design

Myth: Your Bedroom Design Should Be Bright.

Truth: Darker is Better!

While naturally bright rooms might be all the rage in the rest of your house, your bedroom should not be one of them. Having bright light in your bedroom is really bad for your sleep schedule, which makes the rest of your day significantly harder to handle. Here’s why!

The human body is designed to be awake when the sun is out, and asleep when it isn’t. In a world where we spend our entire day under and staring at electric lights, our bodies get really confused. That’s why, when you go to sleep, you should do everything you can to keep your room as dark as possible, even during the day.

You can do this by adding light blocking curtains in a fun color or pattern that matches your decor. You can also change the lights in your room to be a lower brightness than the traditional LEDs or bright white compact fluorescent bulbs.

Myth: Doors and Windows Should Always Be Shut.

Truth: Make Sure There’s Air Flow!

It might seem sensible to shut yourself off from the rest of the world when you go to sleep, but you should really keep your door open if you can, and your windows if you feel safe. Doing this creates airflow that will help you sleep better by bringing in higher-quality air and making sure it doesn’t go stale.

If you can’t do this, it’s okay to sleep with your doors and windows shut. However, you should make sure that there is a fan in the room creating that same effect. You should also check to see if your smoke detector is working in your bedroom, just in case

Myth: Keep It Warm.

Truth: Cool It Down!

While you might want your bed to be as cozy as possible, you actually should be sleeping with the air in your bedroom between 60 and 67°F. This might seem silly, but it actually helps you to sleep longer and have higher quality sleep.

If this is too cold for you, cozy up with some warm pajamas or comfortable and beautiful pillows and blankets.

Myth: Your Bedroom Design Should Be Colorful.

Truth: Your Bedroom Design Should Be Calming!

We all love bright colors, but they aren’t good for you when you are trying to sleep. When you are trying to sleep, you want your bedroom to be as calming as possible. Scientists have discovered that the color blue has been found to be the best color for a bedroom wall. It’s been found to help with your resting heart rate and blood pressure, and study participants also woke up feeling much calmer and in less pain after sleeping in a blue room than from other colors.

If you want to pull other bright colors into your space, try adding it in your linens or in pops of color throughout the room. Remember the rule of three!

Alicia Sanchez

Alicia Sanchez is a researcher for the sleep science hub Tuck.com with a specialty in health and wellness. A Nashville native, Alicia finds the sound of summer storms so soothing that she still sleeps with recorded rain on her white noise machine.

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