Top 7 Killer Web Design Trends 2016

The web development industry has always been evolving at a fast pace and has been considered to be one of the most dynamic industries. The industry has always accepted a qualitative approach to set trends and so have the developers around the world in accepting and adapting to the same. In the following sections, we will discuss about the top 7 killer web design trends 2016. With these trends, you will also be able to predict the trends, which might be set in the year to come.


Automated Long Scrolls

The websites few years back – not very long ago from today – were designed and developed in the form of web pages, which were then linked at the backend. The process today remains the same, but has been given a logical touch and that’s what is called automated long scrolls. The back end work still remains the same – may be with the addition of a couple of more development platforms to be used for the feature, which makes it more interesting. With this feature, webpages are developed in an intuitive manner, which analyze the time needed for the user to go through a page with an option to pause on the page if needed. This feature makes navigation more exciting and easy.

Using Large Background Images That Match the Context of Your Business

It is very important that your website conveys the right message to the user at the first sight. Earlier, multiple images were used using jquery, which is now replaced by using a single large image that will convey the nature of your business in the most interesting manner possible. The image placement and editing has to be taken care of, for example the contrast of the image placed on the first page has to be decreased as a result of which the text on the same page is clearly visible.

GIF Is an Interesting Way of Conveying Short Messages

GIFs have largely replaced videos. Short messages that were before the GIF images came into use were still conveyed through videos, which on the technical end consumed a lot of server space and bandwidth. GIFs have made the job easier. GIF images when compared to videos are very easy to make and considerably consume less space over videos; also users have started liking GIFs over videos.

Conversion of Websites to App Format

Having a website and updating content is all intended at driving more traffic and achieving the best user engagement. The world is going mobile today; with this change in user behavior, those developing websites have also started building native mobile applications with the same content available on the website. This makes it easy for the user to just download the application over navigating to the web page every time. Also having an application has a lot of competitive advantage over having a website.

Graphic Text Is a Booming Trend

Using graphic text attracts the users more over just having normal text. It introduces you to a lot of font and color options, which you might just love using and the user will certainly feel like spending more time on your website.

Google Map Integration

The practice of just having the contact details updated on the websites is now being replaced by integrating Google Maps on the websites. Google Maps has made physical navigation easier than ever before. So, what happens when you integrate Google map API on your website? When someone wants to visit you and is finding it tough to reach you on your given address in text, he will just have to click on the integrated map on your website and Google will get him to wherever you are. Doesn’t this sound great? Also, apart from just making the navigation easy for you, it helps in building a great online presence and digital outreach. Social media platforms have also started accepting Google maps as an authenticated source of information.

Content Should Go Hand in Hand with the Design

Web design might be great, but if the content does not go with the website the objective of serving the visitor with a delightful visiting experience will not be served. Understand what the visitor needs, why he is visiting your website and try and develop customer centric content, which will help the users to understand you better. As mentioned earlier, graphic text might be the best way to keep your visitors engaged. Also adding on to this, taking recommendations from users is also something, which makes the user feel closer to you.

These have been the evolving trends in the year 2016. With the trends listed above, now it’s your turn to spend some time to predict what might be the trends that will be set in the year 2017 and why do you feel that would be a trend

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