Top 7 Captivating Moroccan Interior Design Ideas

People just love restructuring and remodeling their homes; this is turning out to be a new hobby for many these days. There have been millions of home design ideas, which are followed by people in different parts of the world. Some of them just love the French style, while some love the western style. There are people who want to do something completely different from usual to make their house look really classy.


The Moroccan style design ideas are making the rounds now and this trend is catching up pretty quickly. For a lot of people, money is not a big concern when it comes to redesigning their homes; they land up hiring some popular professional interior designers for doing the job for them. The preferences of the people have changed and they no longer enjoy the idea of building a simple house. This article will introduce you to the Moroccan style of interior designing.

The interior design in Moroccan style shows the diverse area that is rich in history and cultural traditions. This also includes beautiful carvings, arched doorways, and colorful fabrics; it should come as no surprise that Moroccan interior design has become quite popular around the world. Morocco’s rich culture is displayed in the beautiful design style that is characterized via the vibrant and bright colors, great furnishings as well as incredible designs. Moroccan style adds a different kind of an appeal to the houses. You can set up your house in the morocco style of designing. Here are some of the interesting Moroccan interior design ideas.

Amazing Fabrics: Most of the houses in Morocco have one thing in common and that is the fabrics. You will see that the fabrics of various colors are draped beautifully on the walls and this adds to the look of the house. You can try doing the same to your house top. One more important thing you need to understand is that the Moroccan design has lighting as their major component. The lamps or lanterns are beautifully crafted and inlaid with some wonderful pieces of glass.

Close Attention: Be it the tile work or even the lighting, the Moroccan design emphasizes more on the way they add the final touches. This is one, which most of the people just miss out; attention to detail is important. Most often, everything is custom designed in this form of style. Some of the houses in Morocco have tiles that are hand-cut and customized in order to give it a unique and interesting appeal. Even the fretwork panels for the bath tub are mostly customized. People here give more importance to each thing in their house.

Superb Mosaics: Great and superb tile work is the trademark feature of the Moroccan design; be it the floors or the walls, the tile work is just out of the world. The popular Moroccan tiling, which is called zillij, has various tiny tiles put together to bring out beautiful patterns; however, the bigger tile pattern can also bring out the same look. If you wish to give your house an exotic touch, then you can install this sort of Morocco style tile to your kitchen either on the floor or some part of the wall to make it look grand.

Bold Is the Way: This is common in the Moroccan Style; most of the houses use bright shades of paint. You can do that too; your house can be painted with some real bright shades of colors. If you are not confident about the outcome, then you can experiment using some of the zillij tiles on your walls. It will bring a bold look to the interiors. If you have fire place in your house, then it will be a great idea to add these beautiful bold tiles on the surroundings of the fire place; it will just bring out a different and interesting appeal to the room.

Architecture Driven: The Moroccan designs are heavily inspired by architecture; the furnishings most often carved beautifully with some art work. The wood work is just brilliant, especially the bed and the dining table has a unique style. You can have a look at some of the houses that have the Moroccan style of design and try out something yourself.

Some Glitz: The Moroccan style bedrooms are really nice; they use traditionally made blankets that are woven from sheep skin. Even the use of cotton as well as linen for decorating the room is a common thing. These blankets can also be used as bed cover, rug or even as wall hangings for adding more sparkle to the room.

The Art Work: Neatly carved and hand-made art work is common in the Moroccan style. The furniture in the Moroccan style is popular because of its unparalleled look. Look out for some antique furniture store; you might be successful in finding some furniture that replicates the Moroccan style.

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