Top 10 Web Site Design Tips

People hate to re-visit and stay on not-so-professionally designed web sites. And a cluttered web site will definitely drive away prospective consumers.

To beautifully improve key aspects, here are top 10 web site design tips which will help you make it an appealing place for existing customers and gain new patrons.

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  • Branding – This is the most important part of your web site design. To make your brand memorable the logo has to be prominent with effective color schemes. Make sure to have a high-flying logo visible on all web-pages of your site.
  • Home page – Consumers should be able to figure out right away the “USP: Unique Selling Proposition” of the web site from its home page with visually prominent tag or punch lines.
  • Navigation – Your web site layout should be easy to navigate with all the web pages linked properly and important sections prominently displayed.
  • Colors – Make sure you don’t hush away prospect customers with hard to read and clashing colors such as red fonts on green background.
  • Content – You have to make sure that you provide complete and detailed information about the type of business, whether it’s an online service or an offline business. And do not load too much content on a single web-page, as users find it too hard to scroll down.
  • Refresh content – Consumers love updated content, and will keep coming back for more. Please update your content often for user-engagement.
  • Be accessible – Easily approachable is the best way to go about in retaining customers and engaging new ones. Provide adequate contact information for people to get in touch with you.
  • Think SEO – Keep “SEO: Search Engine Optimization” in mind while designing a web site. And, use more text links rather than graphics to engage search engines and get better page rankings.
  • Sound pleasant – If you have music on your site, make sure you don’t have it auto-start. It should be pleasant and manageable.
  • External links – You should lead new links to open in a new window and keep your web site in front of the visitors.

Use these helpful design tips and let us know about your experience by leaving comments below.


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