Top 10 Popular Wrist Tattoos

Some of the most in demand and popular wrist tattoos since centuries are gaining importance because of their stunning feel and look. Depending on the style and mood of a person, tattoo art symbolizes the exquisiteness, inspiration, revelation, etc.

Wrist tattoos are among the first to get whenever you decide on getting an accessory design for your body.

They are popular among females with so many creative tattoo fonts available out there in different designs and styles. In-fashion women like to get chirpy birds, shiny stars, tiny hearts or lovely quotes carved on, or around their wrists.

We are publishing top 10 popular wrist tattoos available in different styles and designs –

  1. Dove on Wrist Tattoo
    Dove on Wrist Tattoo
  2. Eevee Wrist Tattoo
    Eevee Wrist Tattoo
  3. Wrist Flower Tattoo
    Wrist Flower Tattoo
  4. Heart & Knife Wrist Tattoo
    Heart & Knife Wrist Tattoo
  5. Ribbon Wrist Tattoo
    Ribbon Wrist Tattoo
  6. Falling Star Wrist Tattoo
    Falling Star Wrist Tattoo
  7. Cat & Flower Wrist Tattoo
    Cat & Flower Wrist Tattoo
  8. Paw Wrist Tattoo
    Paw Wrist Tattoo
  9. Hope Wrist Tattoo
    Hope Wrist Tattoo
  10. Bee Wrist Tattoo
    Bee Wrist Tattoo

How did you like our collection of top 10 popular wrist tattoos? Will you get one of them carved on your wrist? Let us know in the comments section.


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