Top 10 HTML5 Video Players for Free

HTML5 video players can help you stream videos with quite an ease. Interestingly, you don’t even have to download or install Adobe Flash Player or Java type applications to watch videos in HTML5 compatible browsers.

Here we have gathered a list of top 10 video players available for free to be used on HTML5 platform.

Flowplayer - HTML5 Video Player

MediaElement.js - HTML5 Video Player

Dailymotion - HTML5 Video Player

jPlayer - HTML5 Video Player

Videojs - HTML5 Video Player

LeanBack - HTML5 Video Player

FlareVideo - HTML5 Video Player

SublimeVideo - HTML5 Video Player

  • jQuery – HTML5 Video Player (paid)

jQuery - HTML5 Video Player

Easy HTML5 Video - HTML5 Video Player

Did you get to lay your hands on any of these FREE and awesomely designed HTML5 video players? Can they be better? Let us know of your experience in comments below.


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