Top 10 Free Icon Fonts for Web Design

Every now and then we try to publish some of the top free resources available all over the internet related to your web design requirements. We make sure that you are able to garner ample benefits from our publications.

Today we were able to gather top ten awe-inspiring free fonts along with icon sets that will tip you in creating out of the box design. We know that designers have to pay heaps for icon fonts; however you should be able to snatch all of these listed below without spending any moolah 🙂

We are sure that they can help pep up the look and feel of your website. Here are the top 10 icon fonts available for free:

  1. IcoMoon
    IcoMoon Free Icon Fonts
  2. Heydings
    Heydings Free Icon Fonts
  3. Iconic Icon Set
    Iconic Icon Set Free Icon Fonts
  4. Signify Lite
    Signify Lite free icon fonts
  5. Entypo
    Entypo Free Icon Fonts
  6. Social Media Icons
    Social Media Icons Free Icon Fonts
  7. Social Logos Font
    Social Logos Font Free Icon Fonts
  8. Web Symbols Typeface
    Web Symbols Typeface Free Icon Fonts
  9. Heydings Common
    Heydings Common Free Icon Fonts
  10. Modern Pictograms
    Modern Pictograms Free Icon Fonts


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  3. Nice collection. Thanks for share

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    1. thanks enursa, some of them are my personal favorites 🙂

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