Top 10 Design Tips to Upskill From Apple

There is no question as to why shouldn’t we learn something related to design, or anything for that matter from Apple. It is the most innovative technology company in the world at present, so why not?

There are hundreds of companies that try to innovate, and introduce well-desired design trends in order to please their consumer base. However, you will hardly find any company that truly sets the pace upwards with appealing design trends.

Well, guess what? We have found that ONE company and today we’ll analyze the top 10 design tips to learn from Apple in making gorgeous products.

  1. Simple yet elegant web designSimple yet elegant web design
  2. Implement wondrous product shotsImplement wondrous product shots
  3. Highlight the minute details
    Highlight the minute details
  4. Make it easy & helpful
    Make it easy & helpful
  5. Use a robust grid structure
    Use a robust grid structure
  6. Publish instructional help
    Publish instructional help
  7. Be consistent and confident
    Be consistent & confident
  8. Publish required legal note
    Publish required legal note
  9. Design appealing icons
    Design appealing icons
  10. Extensive footer menu links
    Extensive footer menu links

Puneet Pal

Puneet Pal is the sole proprietor of Mahal Pty Ltd., in Western Australia, a full-time professional dealing in the in the Transport sector. Puneet had his first bite of technology by working as a part-time Web developer. With a good understanding of website designing and unique concepts of digital devices, his works includes mostly the latest advancements in the hi-tech design market. Puneet's design work includes, and not limited to, Party Images. His wife is an Italian, blessed with a daughter and struggling to ease out the tight business schedule, Puneet nurture his interest of writing as a savior from the ever running work. You can connect with him on facebook.

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