Titanic 2: Revealing the Replica Design

Titanic 2 is a global venture and Clive Palmer, an Australian billionaire seem to have done justice to it. The first thought was, will this be able to fight the harsh water currents all over again? Unveiling the design and plans of Titanic 2 in New York, it is another step in creating the much awaited replica and repeating history. The idea and gesture seem to restore the fallen glory of the then popular expedition. “Since we announced our plan in April we’ve had a huge amount of interest, particularly from people wanting to know how they can secure a booking for the maiden voyage, along with commercial sponsors.” said Palmer.

Titanic 2 Design by Blue Star Line

Caroline, daughter of John F Kennedy, is helping Palmer to execute the plan with similar dimensions, design and details, measuring 270 meters long (885 feet), 53 meters high and weighing 40,000 tones. The Titanic 2 ship is designed to have 840 rooms spread over nine decks, resurfacing the same model with better mechanism.

Palmer is holding a dinner party on USS retired aircraft carrier for the final show, in December this year. The nostalgic part is that the dinner menu is going to be the same as the original Titanic, an attempt to improvise the same feel of the fateful day. The guest list includes New York Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson, Jean Kennedy Smith, US president’s daughter along with Palmer; James Cameron, the director of epic movie “Titanic” is also invited for the gala event. With an immense interest shown already by people, Clive Palmer is planning to start the first voyage, from China in the year 2016.

Clive Palmer

“It will be a great opportunity for business community of the United States and indeed the world to see amazing progress that’s been made on our Titanic 2 project,” Palmer said. Titanic took away lives of more than 1500 passengers and staff way back in 1912, hit by a huge iceberg, shutting down exuberating architectural dream of Thomas Andrews, the principal architect of the original Titanic.

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