Tips for Perfect House Frame

While remodeling any room or your house, it is extremely important that you are aware of the house frame structure.

The house frame forms an integral part of the design of your home since it is required to prevent your house from falling down. The frame of any room or the whole house is composed of several beams which are joined together to form the skeletal structure of the property. A solid frame is hence required not only for a good foundation but also to keep house standing for decades.

Wooden House Frame

Building Code

While remodeling your house or a single room, you must keep in mind the building code of your city or town so that the frame of the room or your complete house can be remodeled in compliance with the guidelines of the local building code. It is essential that the house frame complies with the guidelines of the building code so that the frame and subsequently the house does not come tumbling down for illegalĀ  structure reasons.


The material from which the frame is made forms an integral part of the structure and also the design of your property. There are several materials available from which the house frames are made. These include wood, metal and concrete. There are numerous commercial buildings which use metal frames but for residential properties people usually prefer wood since it is an inexpensive alternative to metal frames. Despite the cost effective factor of wooden house frame, they are quite durable and will keep your house standing for decades to come. However if your budget permits, it is always recommended to invest in metal frames for your house.


While remodeling your house you must ensure that you use large amount of concrete for the frame of your house which will ensure a solid foundation. The concrete must be poured near the basement of the house or near the surface where the foundation slab will be formed. Concrete is also poured around the basement and around the foundation slab for extra support. You can then sink in the wooden or metal beams into the concrete to provide support to your house.

Balloon House Frame

The type of framing that you will be using for your house largely depends on the weather conditions in and around the area as well as the location of your house. Hence you must choose the type of framing extremely carefully so that your house has solid foundation and will remain intact for years.


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