Tips for Eco-friendly Interior Design

Looking for some creative tips for eco-friendly interior design for your home or office?

Like others, interior designers have also woken up to the concept of going green or making environment friendly home and offices. With the idea of using reused/recycled materials and green products now gaining popularity, interior designers have also cashed in on the eco-friendly interior design concept. This concept is actually safe and also quite commendable while keeping the environment in mind. With environment-friendly resources and materials that can be reused or recycled to create new, strong and eco-friendly products can make your home or office a fabulous place to live in.

 Eco-Friendly Interior Design

Your interior designer will create a desired eco-friendly house or office. Even you can contribute to the environment by following a few simple and innovative tips. Below are 5 tips to help you achieve your goal of an eco-friendly interior design.

1)   Use eco-friendly paint colors: The first step towards having an environmental-friendly surrounding is by applying natural paint colors. There are so many chemical-based paint colors and finishes available in the market which is actually dangerous to your health. Natural paint colors made from raw material like milk protein, clay, natural oil or other natural minerals are the safest for your health and surroundings.

2)   Eco-friendly furniture: Environment-friendly furniture means less use of wood which avoids cutting large trees. You should opt for furniture pieces from the environment-friendly companies who manufacture and deal in green products. Furniture made from bamboo is durable, easily manageable, eco-friendly and can also be used for aesthetic reasons. Recycled metal furniture is also gaining popularity now days. However, if you still prefer wooden furniture, avoid using furniture made from oak or maple trees as they need to be preserved. Instead, consider wooden furniture made from rubber wood or beech wood, that are combined with other recycled materials. These trees grow faster compared to other sturdy trees and wood is comparatively stronger. For floor rugs and carpets, consider materials made from faux fur or other eco-friendly alternative instead of using materials made from wood or leather.

3)   Reuse furniture: Many of the houses out there have wooden furniture originally made from oak or maple trees. If you want to change your furniture pieces, repair or reuse the old furniture to create a new furniture piece with a modern look instead of discarding them completely. This way you will not only contribute to the environment but also save money by reusing furniture from real sturdy wood. You can always DIY small repair works if required, and get them pieces painted with a coat of natural paint color to give an elegant finished look.

4)   Use Plants: Eco-friendly interior design is incomplete without the use of plants. Normally interior designers advise placing plants at specific areas of your house or office for fresh air and adding up to the visual beauty. Plants like English Ivy, Spider Plant, Weeping Fig or just your random flowering plants are good enough to serve the purpose.

5)   Support Eco-friendly Firms: Buying products from eco-friendly firms for your home or office supplies is a good way of supporting the environment. Eco-friendly firms usually make products from recycled supplies or materials that are safe for the environment. In order to buy green products, locate a local company producing green products or perform an online search at (as we did to get one of the images related to this article) for an eco-friendly company around your locality.

Ecolect Eco-Friendly Interior Design

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Already using eco-friendly interior design material for your home or office? Know about some of the best environment friendly product manufacturing companies or design firms ? Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts with us and the world in comments below.


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