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I don’t even remember the last time I went shopping for a simple hand bag and could resist the temptation to choose from different styles of Bags, clutch, wallets and likewise. My mother still carries the same old brown leather bag she is been using, since forever, the only variation being the different shades of Brown/black leather. It is not the same now, at least not the same for me and for every person irrespective of gender. It’s a must to inform ourselves about different types of hand bags and wallets available in the much advanced accessory market.

If you have tried Da Milano(yes, it’s as posh as its name), the moment you enter this Bag Store (a modern term for bag shop) , it feels as if you actually have been stressing all your fashion gyan on clothes and there is so much to explore in Bags, not only for “she” but “he” too ! The store truly values its products, placing such chic high style bags in single glass boxes and shelves, also attracts is the single color varied styles bags on display, with matching accessory or shoes! Yes, it is that much extensive. Who thought buying a bag will also be a comfort match to your feet … you suddenly look at your heels and feel so orthodox. You may pick “Mochi” for that instance; they too try to compliment bags with their range of foot wears.

bag store

If you widen up your horizons for the global market, their are outstanding designer labels with stores of Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and the likes, you will realize in a very epic way, that a Hand Bag or a small wallet is a class symbol, an indication of good taste even when you don’t actually reckon it. The showrooms or Bag studio(another posh name) are like big lighted modern or contemporary stores, having special sections for all kind of Bags and wallets, you may choose them with matching bags and even waist belts.

To comfort your process of bag shopping, there are big (rather huge would appropriate to say) mirrors along the walls complimenting lighted wooden jails. Looking through that mirror will itself make you feel like a super model or a lady like persona of the Brand you opt, It’s not about black and brown leather displayed crowdedly with each other in old-odd local markets but about each and every piece of the current range displayed in special corners, on wooden stands with velvet covered shelves, textured glass box etc.. And a focus light on each and every piece, Voila! Who won’t agree to the price and quality justification?

The customers are lured by the pastel interiors and excellent use of dark violets and pinks on the walls and panels. Keeping up with the high rising trends of False Ceiling, a well lit False ceiling makes the products display more vibrant, appealing and oh-so tempting! The façade itself indicates the taste of bags the brands endures. It could be very chic like of Chanel or very Ethnic to the likes of Balenciaga! …. Whatever that attracts to the eye (and not much to your pocket), Bags stores are a revolutionary fashionista change.

Since when we got Bags-Belts-Shoes in the same place and we could model them in front of those large Cinderella Mirrors? Its time I take my mother for no-leather-brown-bag shopping experience, and hop onto some yellows and whites!

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Raman Sandhu

Raman Sandhu has rushed and brushed her career with the fancy corporate world, yet still aiming advanced mechanism in human resources. Writing was never inherited, it is simply her flare of expression in anything and everything that she finds her interest of say! If readers can imagine what's expressed through pen by Raman, its definitely a win-win situation for her. She has started writing with an experimented and quite varied genre of designs, and different aspects. While working as a human resource manager with an architect company, the language of design and decor is always easy to understand for her. You can connect with Raman through facebook profile.

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