Stress Reducing Design in Healthcare Spaces

How can the feel good factor be fused in places dealing with the healing experience? Well this may be the reason why healthcare units are changing their outlook towards infrastructure, to help patients and visitors feel less stressed, and much more comfortable during their time at hospitals and clinics.

When I recently visited a so called “5 star” hospital in a metro city, the entrance had a large glass partition with water flowing in between, on my right was coffee house and left-hand-side had a modern reception area with bright wall texture. I was flabbergasted to be honest, with a question doing rounds in my mind; have I come to see an ailing friend in a hospital or visiting a Spa?  I was impressed with the changes in the interior design of the hospital to make it more welcoming.

St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton

It’s apparent that such places are crowded, full of tension and working constantly surrounded with a boring never-ever changing décor. But now there are more than blank white walls, stained pillars and rusted waiting areas.  While medical facilities are being upgraded with better service standards to run in competitive market, it’s important to look good too!

There is more style in the corridors with placing of Indoor plants & wall paintings. Facilities like relaxing chairs, LCD TVs, provision of beverage counters, locker units, etc are fulfilling luxury demands and meeting designer principles. The waiting area is now known as “waiting lounge”, dividing the space for children and adults. I have seen healthcare places taking the pain and recreating small corners into kids play area, relieving saddle off the parents, while they are at such places. There are soothing LED lights installed, particular area devoted to landscaping with water features, more glass windows to minimize suffocation and pattern flooring to add detailing in the design. There is more zest of exciting colors on walls, curtains and bed sheets, texture on the ceiling and modern selection of furniture. The patient room is equipped with television, sofas, cupboards, sterilized washrooms, magazines and itinerary. Everything is placed in such a manner that’ll bestow “homely” feel.

Whole agenda of polishing the interior is to divert patient’s mind from the sickness to pleasant notions.  Placing of fixtures like large vases in corners, indoor fountains and wall panels for miniatures makes a lot of difference.  Such wide-ranging design makes Healthcare places less alarming and more soothing. The décor should be able to accommodate needs of everyone.  It’s the magic of colors, right furniture placing and balance of lighting fixtures that have done wonders to these places. This may also be called stress reducing interior design.

Raman Sandhu

Raman Sandhu has rushed and brushed her career with the fancy corporate world, yet still aiming advanced mechanism in human resources. Writing was never inherited, it is simply her flare of expression in anything and everything that she finds her interest of say! If readers can imagine what's expressed through pen by Raman, its definitely a win-win situation for her. She has started writing with an experimented and quite varied genre of designs, and different aspects. While working as a human resource manager with an architect company, the language of design and decor is always easy to understand for her. You can connect with Raman through facebook profile.

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