Seven Rising Trends in Logo Designing 2016

Logo is the face of any business, brand or personality and excellent design is an integral part of any business success. The logo designing industry began with a perception of just having a symbolic representation for business in the early days and there has been a tremendous evolution from then. The mid-21st century has seen a great evolution in logo designs where businesses started taking logos so very seriously that they now top the list of priorities in any business. Today logos come with design thinking and concept stories, which is a booming trend. Why have businesses started accepting logo designs so seriously? What is the design thinking that goes behind the logo design and what are the types of logo designs? Finally, what makes the best logo? Discussed below are seven raising trends in logo designing 2016.


Why Do Businesses Consider Logo Design Seriously Today?

It is very important to convey the right and the complete message to your target audience at the first sight. So, what element of your business does the consumer first look at? It’s nothing other than and definitely a logo. With this qualitative change in the thought process, businesses now consider logo as the face of the business and so they are considered seriously.

What Is the Design Thinking That Goes behind the Logo Design?

The design thinking is purely based on the brand strategy, but we will list down a few standard parameters to be considered to do a logo design.

  • Which colour combination suits the logo the best?
  • Is it important to have a unicolour or a dual colour logo?
  • How many elements should the logo have?
  • What is the story line behind the logo?
  • The connection between the story and the design
  • Does the desired logo to be designed infringe any existing trademark?

Well, there are many more to add on to this, but these are few of the most important points to be considered. Designing the best logo is a collective effort of brand strategist, content developer, designer and the business person considering the current market trends of the design industry. So, these are a few things we will be writing about in this entry.

Build a Story Line before You Design a Logo

Why are you designing the logo? What does your logo mean? What is your logo targeting at? What does your logo speak about? There are a very few obvious questions, which strike your viewers’ minds and yours as well. So, building a story line for the logo answers all these questions and also is a base for a clear brand strategy. Also there will be a lot of your target audience who might come up to you and ask what your logo means; in this case, you should have something relevant to speak about.

Define the Role of the Colour in the Logo

Logos were then then designed with random colour combinations, but with the change in trends now the role of colour in logo is something that defines the entire brand strategy. The colour you choose to have in your logo is something you should have uniform in all the places you are present like the website, the commercials you come up with, the branding, the videos you make for your business and anything else. Having a uniform colour in all the branding aspects is something, which helps you print your brand in the users’ minds.

Define the Shape of the Logo

Whacky Tacky shapes are fine, but relating the shape of the logo to what you are doing is also one of the most important factors of a great logo. Have an element of your business done in the logo design, which also helps the user in understanding your business to the best and easily.

Analyse the Need for the Change

As the trends keep changing, so do the needs. It is important to foresee the future of your business on the design perspective before designing the logo. Does your logo need a change in the years to come based on the trends or may be if something you feel is better?

Flat Designs

We have seen designers adding a lot of hues and shades to logo designs till date. But flat designs are now a booming trend. Simplicity is invading and that’s what the flat designs mean. Most of the successful businesses have moved their existing designs to flat. Facebook and Twitter are standard examples for the same.

Logo designs will see a lot of changes and trend setters in the days and years to come, but the above listed are seven rising trends in logo designing 2016. So, with these trends, you will be able to design your logo to the best and also keep yourself updated. Happy designing!


Manmeet Singh

I currently hold the editor-level position with and Founder as well. With a group of online & offline companies under the Soofi Group in my kitty, writing for the design genre was an interesting support to In my opinion, everyone has their taste for design, plus the scope of writing is wide and thus the contribution I make here through words would encourage me to explore this section aptly.

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