Room To Grow: Useful Tips for Decorating Your Nursery

When you first learned you were expecting, you probably imagined laying your sleeping baby in a beautifully decorated room complete with pastel walls, eyelet lace and a family heirloom rocking chair. Then the daydream came to a screeching halt, and you realized that creating a space for your bundle of joy is quite a work. Now you’re faced with decorating your nursery from a spare bedroom while pregnancy leaves you too tired to think straight. Here’s how to decorate a functional space for your little one at a price that won’t break your piggybank.

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Choose Your Hue & Paint the Walls

Pretty soon you’ll be spending many hours in the nursery dealing with late night feedings and diaper disasters, so you should select a color palette you love. At least in the beginning, the colors you select are just for you. According to the from the American Academy of Pediatrics, babies don’t develop their full color vision for at least four months. In the beginning they see only black and white and then bright colors such as red, blue and yellow at around one month. They can see softer tones at around three months.

Painting the walls of your nursery will provide the biggest impact with the smallest hit to your budget. Bright colors can be overwhelming for babies. While red and yellow are excellent for play areas, stick to light, calm shades in the nursery to create a restful atmosphere. If you already have a piece of art or bed linens that you love, take them to the paint store and use their color matching services to find the perfect shade. Once you find a color you feel good about, consider purchasing your paint one shade lighter. Paint has more impact once it’s on the wall, so a slightly lighter shade than your first instinct will end up perfect. Also, consider painting a pattern on the walls rather than a solid color. Creating stripes, chevrons or color blocks takes only a bit of creativity and painter’s tape. To learn more about painting patterns, check out the tutorials at

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Look Up

Between naps, diaper changes, and playtime, your baby will spend most of his or her time looking up. Don’t leave the ceiling and space above the crib or changing table a blank slate. But also don’t resort to cliché stuffed-animal-on-plastic-arms mobiles either. Create tissue paper pom-poms by folding colorful tissue accordion style, then secure it in the center with floral wire and fluffing. Use ribbon or clear fishing line to suspend your creation from the ceiling. For more information on this easy DIY project, check out for a full tutorial. For a slightly less DIY approach, purchase a wire mobile on Amazon and clip photos of family members and friends to it.

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Utilize Natural Light

As a new parent, sleep becomes a precious thing. Calm, dark spaces will encourage good sleeping habits for your little one, and in turn, for you. Utilizing natural light will help establish good sleep cycles. Installing good draperies, like those from makes it easy to let the light shine in, or create a nocturnal space as needed.

Make it Personal

When it comes to decorating the walls in your nursery, you could go with any variety of expensive and generic wall art. Or, you could make it personal, and less expensive, by using your personal photos. Blow up large prints from your favorite travel destinations for a travel themed room. Or, take photos of your childhood home, the park where your child will play or even your pets. Photographs can be printed in black and white at in sizes up to 36” x 48” for under $5. Use adhesive spray to glue your prints to wood or canvas and then paint over them with mod podge. Hang them just over the height of the crib so baby can see them easily.

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