Pakistan Fashion Design Council tests Indian Market

It was in 1947 when the world witnessed the emergence of two new nations India and Pakistan. More than half century after India and Pakistan gained independence, the ramifications of partition continued to be felt in South Asia. Ever since, many efforts have been made by the populaces to boost relations between both the countries. The bilateral trade between the two countries has opened up a ‘golden route’ once again for the traders and buyers.

The salvage of the trade barriers between the India and the Pakistan has been warmly accepted by the locals. A benign gesture can be seen at ‘The Boulevard’ in New Delhi where a sprawling 5,500 square feet flagship store is being introduced by the Pakistan Fashion Design Council (PFDC). Design of this exclusive showroom gives a glimpse of purity and elegance. Aura of the showroom is an amalgamation of contemporary and panache design, with brilliant use of lighting fixtures making the apparels available in the store look more regal and extravagant. The retail apparels have been designed by renowned Pakistani fashion designers like Asifa Nabeel, Sonia Azhar, Sana Safinaz, Nickie Nina, Fahad Hussayn, Iman Ahmed-Body Focus Museum and Nida Azwer.

PFDC The Boulevard - New Delhi

The PFDC India store is a one-stop-shopping place, where all the trend-setters have been provided with their own individual spaces and they can also design or construct their space as they like. Every week different designers will display their beautiful work through themes and leitmotif.

The outlet offers wide variety of traditional clothing which includes bridal shararas, lehngas in white and cream colours, suits and even a brew of traditional hand-work on western gowns. They are exhibited beautifully on the mannequins on display shelves and foil. The use of clothes, embroidery and cuts are in sync with the Pakistani couture. All in one place is a beautiful aspect to depict the traditional as well as modern designs. PFDC also aims to invite Indian fashion designers to retail at their high-end fashion store in Lahore, to give local people easy access to Indian designs.

While inaugurating the facility on Friday, P. Chidambaram, India’s finance minister, said, “Trade is a great driving force. Trade unites people. All trade barriers between India and Pakistan should be dismantled.”

Milan Lamba

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