Outdoor Living Spaces – 5 Tips for a Great Design

Nowadays, people aren’t just concerned about how their homes look from the inside; they also want their outdoor living spaces to look interesting too. In a way the outdoor of your home is a lot more important than the interior as it will give the first impression of how your house is from the inside.

However, that is not the only reason why people have started spending so much on outdoor living spaces. Most folks do it because they want a beautiful and peaceful place to relax when they are bored of staying at home.

Backyard Pool - Outdoor Living Spaces

A nicely designed and decorated outdoor space will give you what you are looking for, but it is important to put some time and consideration into the planning stage. To assist in this I have prepared a list of 5 tips which will help you in designing the perfect outdoor space.

Here are some points to take into consideration when doing your outdoor living spaces:

Be Prepared
First of all you need to be prepared. Look for inspiration for the space that you are planning to create. Some great inspiration can be found in home and garden magazines, or websites such as Houzz or Pinterest.

You will also need to take space into consideration. If you have a smaller area, you don’t want to fill it with unnecessary junk. We suggest planning out the area on a piece of paper before going out and buying anything.

Be Creative
Creativity is the one thing you cannot go without when designing. Be creative and find designs that immediately appeal to the eye. A great feature to have in the garden is a water fountain, as it not only gives the garden a focal point, it also adds serenity to the space.

You can also bring a lot of creativity in when lighting the area. Remember that the primary look of the space at night will be dependent on the lights so you need to be careful about what kind you are installing.

Be Bold
When decorating your outside space don’t be afraid to be bold. Your outdoor area is a great place to experiment with different ideas, so have fun with it.

Color is essential here, bear in mind that where outdoor spaces are concerned, bold, bright and vibrant colors make your yard a more fun place to be.

Be Mindful
Many people get carried away while decorating their outdoors. This is why you need to be mindful of your budget when decorating the space. Do not spend a bulk amount on furniture if you do not have enough, instead, if you really want something, save up for it and then buy. Another great tip is to wait until the end of the summer season and buy your outdoor furniture during a furniture sale.

Be Consistent
This is the one thing that needs to be remembered whether you are decorating the internal or external part of your house. If you are going for a theme, then stick to it, do cautious if you mix and match otherwise it might end up looking like this:

There is a lot to consider when designing your own personal outdoor living spaces, however with some though and consideration you can create something truly special.

Just remember to enjoy the process!


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