Off Page SEO Strategies for Better Website Rankings

Do you know how to get better website rankings with off page seo strategies? If you do, awesome and if you don’t, read on…

The “Search Engine Optimization” or better known as “SEO” is well tailored plan which helps low ranking websites and its content to rank well in different search engines.

Off Page SEO Strategies

SEO helps your website to gain momentum among thousands of similar niche sites and acquires credibility for various mega search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Blekko, etc. Visitors normally look for relevant searches from the first few pages of the search engine , thus, every website owner uses different search engine optimization strategies to get to the top spot and have a better rank.

SEO is further classified as “On Page SEO” and “Off Page SEO”. The On page SEO is more related to analysing the website structure and content. The Off Page SEO, as the term suggests, are off site techniques to enhance ranking and increase external links of the website. Now what are these Off Page SEO strategies?

First and foremost, relevant links from reputed site will majorly affect your website rankings as they are considered and taken well into account by the search engines. A trusted website link should also push you up the ladder and better rankings on search engine results page (popularly known as SERP). Secondly, the URLs used to access your website must be short and relevant, in simple words; anything not-so-obvious will only raise an alarm in the mind of users for spam links. Submitting your websites to Yahoo, Bing, Blekko, Google, etc. is an audience puller if you are listed once site is indexed by the search engine spider or bot.

Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, etc. along with article directory sites will help you to create and share website content globally, marketing your sites at no cost. Same is the fundamentals with blogging, where less casual and more audience oriented content may be posted. The web forums are more advanced option, and also a good steer to improve site content. Having your own blog and commenting on other bloggers site helps to inter change ideas and also widens your horizons. Be selective over the forums you may approach for your site blog, they should relate to the field your site is associated with.

RSS feeds are a must element of the Off Page SEO process as it moves traffic towards your website whenever a new piece of content is added. The traffic inclination and rush improves the website ranking in the search engines. Another efficient tool may be creating Link Wheels. Link Wheels can be created through web 2.0 sites like and In this procedure, blogs and sites are formed on a small scale and then included in your main website. A link to link network map is created which helps to spread the content whereas the original blogs or site content remains unfiltered. Link Exchange is a good option available in Off Page SEO, keeping in mind the Google Page Rank of particular site. Link baiting and Cross Linking is another effective element of SEO.

Use of photo sharing sites like Flickr, Press Release sites, PPC Ad campaign, etc. are some of the minor forms through which a website could shape its popularity rapidly. Off Page SEO strategies help in boosting website traffic and put forwards your website as a credible and resourceful portal for the required purposes. Give them a shot,a nd let us know of your findings.

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