Making Your Home Private and Safe

Having your own home is a great thing because you get to make it as yours as possible in its setting. However, when this perfect place of yours is too close to the neighbors or to open for the outsider’s prying eye, you need to make it feel a little safer and cozy. This is just one of the reasons to make your home private. There are so many ways of doing this without shutting out everything the world has to offer and without necessarily having to move to a more private place.

making home private and safe

Landscaping With Trees

Never underestimate the power of nature, and by nature, I mean trees included. Adding trees and shrubs to the perimeter of your home serves three purposes of lowering the electric bill by providing good shade, providing more privacy from the outside world and keeping your home as cool as can be during the hot seasons like summer. Do your own research before looking for a professional to get you the right plants for your needs and location. An idea of outdoor privacy comes along with an idea of a long fence.

Use decorative and useful hardscape pieces and plantings to soften the lines of a towering fence. Include simple detailing with a wide cap piece to break up an otherwise overwhelming façade on an extra tall fence. Pair the fence with other plants to add an aesthetic value to your fence but at the same time achieves privacy. A few shrubs and plants such as coleus will soften the narrow stretch of space between the pathway and your house.

Get a second layer of screening by adding wisteria which is a great privacy screen plant in tandem with the more substantial privacy elements such as a stucco fence. On top of your beautiful fence, you can balance with wide shallow containers that have trailing plants. From outside your home will look beautiful and private and from inside, you will feel a lot safer and with more privacy.


No one hates a little privacy and we all like to welcome people in our homes on our own terms and not have them looking through the window or over the back fence. In a neighborhood where houses are really close together enough for one to see what is going on I the next house, the best thing to do is get window treatments that are really good at offering privacy. Blinds and sheers are made for the purpose of providing privacy to your home. Sheers can be used to offer a large variety of design detail and privacy to your home too.

They are the best option for any living space as an addition to a heavier window treatment such as a curtain or can be used alone for a more delicate design aesthetic. Sheer shades in your home will act as an accessory by highlighting the gold accents and theme but also work to balance out the living space, frame your windows beautifully and lightly filer the natural light that streams into the room as well as making it harder for anyone from the outside to see the inside of your home.

Motorized Blinds

When one starts contemplating installing motorized blinds, they clearly have a picture of how window treatments can be an investment in their home. There are some that help with energy efficiency and reduction of the UV glare and at the same time ensure that your home is more secure. Motorized blinds are a result of the huge technological advances that gives homeowners the option of controlling their blinds with just a touch of a button or automatically scheduling them to open and close even in their absence providing added security to homes. Motorized blinds also come with a cordless option where children safety is not threatened because there are no cords that could cause possible strangulation, making your home safe for everyone.

A Security System

A home is considered a safe haven by most people if they feel absolutely safe and free in it and this package also comes with a security system. You never know when your home will be subject to robbery or a home burglary so it is in your best interests and that of your family and friends to keep is as safe as possible. A good security system might not be easily affordable for everyone but it does not mean that you should compromise o your safety and allow your home to become a target of crime.

One of the most basic security systems is creating a physical barrier around the perimeter of your such as a visible palisading or good quality electric fences that will stand out to any potential intruder. This is a good precautionary measure. Added security could be provided by using motion sensors and beams to provide a back up to the primary physical barrier. It is important for all your home’s entry points and security barriers to be connected to an alarm system to make it easy for the necessary people to b alerted whenever an intruder is detected.

Just to take more precautions do not let people know that you are away by leaving tell-tale signs such as uncollected posts. However, with landscaping trees around your home, it might be hard for anyone to notice if you are home and those motorized blinds that can open and close regardless of when you are home or not and any timers o the lighting inside and outside the home can fool an intruder to think you are home. To make sure that you have maximum security around your home, adding proper lighting to the outside of your home and around trees and dark areas of your yard will give you less sleepless nights. With this option, you are sure that any intruder will think twice before attempting to access your home.


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