What Makes Graphic Designs With a Modern Retro Touch Trendy?

Trends come and go, but it’s hard to predict the exact time. In the words of Madeleine who works as a graphic artist, “A trend never simply emerges for a single year and then disappears in a puff of smoke. Instead, an aesthetic becomes popular gradually, even mysteriously, over time before fizzling out slowly without much notice at all.”

You might have heard that “Everything old is new again.” So, anything that was a rage years ago comes back in full force after a certain period of time with minor changes to keep in tune with the time. For example, the modern home designing style that was specific of 1920-1950s is so well blended with the modern style today that both styles are frequently used interchangeably. The same is true with graphic designing too. They are normally influenced by culture and media, past and present, technology, fashion, and other industries. The medium might change, but many of the old styles can come back into fashion.

Today, the graphic design with the modern retro touch is in trend. Modern retro refers to design patterns used during 1970s-1990s. The basic advantage of using it is that it adds the fun factor and also blends fantastically across mediums. Here are few factors that work in favour of modern retro:

1. It is fun and being light in style blends really well across mediums.

2. As the shapes are easy and simple, but in bright colours, they are attention-grabbers.

3. Pixel-based styles can communicate an entire era at a glance.

4. It comes with a certain sense of nostalgia and provides an immediate connection between the design and the user. Retro styles are definitely a fun way to try something new.

5. The best outcome of using it is the connectivity factor. Even without a backing of a particular brand or icon, users connect with retro immediately and say “Oh ya…I remember it”. So, the soul remains the same. The modern retro is just an evolution of some of those techniques.

6. Most of the themes are easy to work and easy to understand and have a childlike flair to it.

Modern retro is growing in popularity and designers are really latching on to it now. There is some magic in the bygone era that is still making the people go gaga over it.

You might think that the era of 1970s-1990s was not the digital era. Then, how can those designs be incorporated now when things are in ultra HD? That was the time when computers, gaming etc. were all in nascent stages. Today when designers make use of them, it brings about a nostalgic whimsy. They try to maintain the authenticity and flavour of the era when their projects feature a lot of elements with over-dramatized pixels with blocky illustration and lettering.

This styling is gaining popularity as today’s designer was a kid when these trends were popular. So, he sort of connects to them instantly and so does the user. Both the designer and the user feel comfortable around it.

Most of the retro templates are characterised by period icons, vivid graphics and pale colours. This popular theme is showing its presence everywhere, be it websites, paintings, ads and fashion designing. Retro designing transcends the limitations of time, styles, tastes and ages. It has fans across the globe as it enjoys the loyalty of a group of followers in all countries.

Normally, retro designing focuses on certain era or culture, but modern retro touch interweaves modern graphics with old designs and the combination creates a vintage appeal. People have a tendency to associate “value” with old things. This works superbly in creating the magic of modern retro touch as this designing aims to reap this normal tendency of the people.

The touch of romanticism that this designing has brought in web designing is what is making it so trendy. People have a tendency to remember old times and feel happy about it. Most of us can be found cribbing about how good old times were and how we are in such complicated times now. Back then, life was simpler, less stressful and more relaxed. There was so much less tension and more fun. This retro designing probably takes the surfer to those good old times and he feels that somehow he is reliving those moments.

Using retro elements in web designing is an attempt to bring back the memories of past and that is precisely what is making it so trendy.

Manmeet Singh

I currently hold the editor-level position with DesigningTips.com and Founder as well. With a group of online & offline companies under the Soofi Group in my kitty, writing for the design genre was an interesting support to DesigningTips.com. In my opinion, everyone has their taste for design, plus the scope of writing is wide and thus the contribution I make here through words would encourage me to explore this section aptly.

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