Logo Design Tips; It is all about Creative Flair and a Superb Imagination

Logos are often very simple-looking designs that, at first glance, appear to have taken an art director or designer no more than a few minutes to “think up” and develop. The truth is something very much different … almost the exact opposite.

Logos are how companies, corporations and businesses identify themselves graphically. They are critically important to every business because prospects and potential customers tend to buy products and services from companies that have logos they recognize.

In fact, when potential customers recognize a corporate logo, it generally inspires confidence in the company that has the logo … “tells” or implies to the potential customer that this is a company he/she can trust.

That’s why most companies and corporations are willing to allocate huge sums of money to advertising agencies and/or marketing companies that specialize in logo design. Yes … it’s that important.

Logo Design TipsAnd, as you might expect, “the simple logo” you recognize for companies like Coca Cola, for example, require long hours of “brainstorming,” market research and more before a design is presented and approved.

The truth is that the simple design which you look at and take for granted is the result of lots and lots of hard work. Here are some simple tips to consider if you’re thinking of creating a logo for your company … whether it is large or small.

  • Tip #1 … Make sure that your logo graphically represents what your company is all about. Assume, for a moment, that your firm is very modern and “cutting edge.” If so, your logo should have a “high-tech” 21st century look … nothing ornate or old-fashioned because that would not be an appropriate representation of your firm … and, as a result, you would not attract the people who are likely to be real prospects.
  • Tip #2 … K.I.S.S. — Keep It Simple Stupid! Your logo doesn’t have to be so clever that people looking at it have no idea what your company does. Keep in mind that consumers don’t pause and study your designs. They look at them for a brief moment and then focus their attention elsewhere. Your logo needs to impart relevant information about your company “at a glance.”
  • Tip #3 … Make your logo memorable. Some logos have, over time, become iconic – completely unforgettable… and dominant. These “iconic” logos actually become representative of a particular product or service, completely overwhelming all other logos for companies offering a competitive product or service. If you can reach that level of recognition, you will enjoy unparalleled success.

There are probably other tips you can pay attention to – or use – to help you get a logo that “speaks volumes” about your company and becomes instantly recognizable to consumers, too. One such tip is this: Go online in search of an advertising firm that specializes in logo design. Check their record … and their fee structure.

If you like what you learn about them – and you’re comfortable with the fee they plan to charge — hire them and “turn them loose.”

Your logo is critically important to the long-term success of your company. Put your faith in an advertising or marketing firm that can help you achieve the lofty goals you’ve set for your company.


I currently hold an editor-level position with DesigningTips.com and Co-Founder as well. In my opinion, everyone has their taste for design, plus the scope of writing is wide and thus the contribution I make here through words would encourage me to explore this section apply.

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