Learn Photography with 5 Free eBooks

We have found some interesting eBooks on photography which are absolutely free and will help you be creative and sharpen your photography skills. These eBooks will hone your street photography and food photography skills along with improving lighting ability.

1. Going Candid: Street Photography – This book is about digital age street photography skills. Put everything you know about street photography behind and start analyzing Thomas Leuthard’s experience with his camera out on the street. Download eBook here

Going Candid: Street Photography

2. Collecting Souls: Street Photography – This is an advanced eBook about street photography skills. The initial eBook was all about essential street photography elements; however this one is much more advanced and includes a lot of information and ideas. Download this eBook here.

Collecting Souls: Street Photography

3. Lighting 101 – You will improve and enhance your lighting ability with this eBook. Download your eBook copy here.

Lighting 101

4. How to Take Stunning Food Photos – If you are inclined towards food photography and want to learn essential skills about lighting and photography, you must read this eBook. You can download it here.

How to Take Stunning Food Photos

5. National Geography Photography Guide for Beginners – If you have just started out in the photography world, please feel free to go through eBook from National Geographic’s ultimate field guide to photography and whet your skills to get the best results. download it here.

National Geography Photography Guide for Beginners

Do let us know how did you like these 5 free eBooks and if they helped you in anyway in learning photography skills in comments below.


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