Kids Room Decor with Avant-Grade Ideas

‘The trivial talk of “good taste”, “bad taste”, “taste makers” … mistakenly believed to be authoritative judgment on houses and interiors are… clichés babbled by society hoppers and commercial entrepreneurs to soothe consumer pressure,’ says interior devotee Robsjohn-Gibblings. What is true taste then? I’d say it was historical knowledge and exposure to varied spaces, strong individual conviction and a secure inherent instinct for creating vibrant environment. Do we require the same sense of taste even for designing kid’s room? Off course! The instinct to understand the importance of “likes” and “dislikes” of the children is very crucial to depict something that they would love.

Keeping the fact in mind that kids grow fast and their taste may vary with time, decorating their room is quite a challenge. A cheerful Peony Pink girl’s room with castles on the wall, soft toys and even star-shaped night lamps equivalently for boy’s blue colored wall, Ben-Tens, basketball net and a car shaped bed. All these fascinating design may be a joyful delight for your little girl or a boy but what then when their taste starts to change and they may find all these fanciful room designs a “kiddie” play? The room decoration must be flexible and workable.  Children and teens need their own space in the house as it makes them feel ‘grown up’ and important. They must experience the interiors when they enter their room, no matter how many times it had been redesigned or reconstructed.

Kids Room Interior Design

Room themes are the most easy and efficient way to design children’s room. The excitement in the room comes from the variety of materials and textures used; different material used on the floors, walls and surfaces. The old linoleum floors are history, replaced with dark brown laminated wood and a square border of tumbled travertine tiles in earthy colors. The wall paint to be used in the room must me relaxed keeping the taste of kids in mind. Pinks, Lilacs, purple, red, yellow and green, are the best to compliment a girl’s room. Though there are always exceptions for using contrasts or textures on the wall depending on the pliability of the room. Blues, navy, dark green and other dark colors go well with boy’s room. Use artwork or sculpture in children’s space, but having something that intrigues them or has them curious about life, nature or the way something works is always a bonus. Different types of shags or tapestries can be used in the room, and also a notice board or soft-board for creativity can be added. The most crucial is to use paints which can be cleaned easily as Picasso’s and Leonardo’s are always up to something.

Proper room lighting plays an integral role in creating the right ambience for a house. Small and slightly larger concealed lights as well as table lamps offer soft look to the room. Kids’ room can have innovative lighting fixtures with different shapes and effects which really make the room hip. Lamps such as rotating blubs and musical ones are also very much adored by the kids.

All these designs and decors can be regulated in the rooms, and keeping the safety of your child in mind nothing should be compromised.

Good ideas, efficient space utilization and an elegant look, all make for a beautiful, comfortable and practical space. ‘A home should reflect the owner’s taste and personality as well as being warm and comfortable,’ says well-known interior designer Nisha Jamwal.

Milan Lamba

Milan Lamba, our only student writer contributes to the young-quirky group of writers, having mastered in English from Punjab University, Chandigarh, her flare in the language is unquestionable. Beauty and acknowledgment in her words and expressions comes effortlessly, belonging to the serene Himachal Pradesh. She discovered her love for writing through the authoritative command she has in English grammar and the love for nature. Also a painter, Milan understand the skills and pills required for carving design ideas in paper as she herself is a fashionaholic. Determined to write forever, Milan is fetching all kinds of write-ups in the design & art section along with completing Master of Philosophy. You can get in touch with her through facebook.

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