iPhone 5 – A Cold Thrill? Better Design?

Apple iPhone 5As Tim Cook unveiled the long awaited and HIGHLY incited iPhone 5, there was a wave of excitement among the audience. In accordance to the notion of ‘Quality Pays and Design Rules’, Apple has come once again with a spectacular iPhone 5.  This iPhone 5 may not be a Steve Jobs “Legacy Device” but the launch of the device was a thrill for the eyes. Coerced by the immense competition with South Korean Giant Samsung, Apple has relinquished the best it could offer to the iPhone lovers.

The consistent success of iPhone smartphone series confirms that users are willing to pay a premium for quality gadget. Apple has been traditionally known for its aesthetics, ease of use, intuitive designs and seamless integration of hardware and software. The first feature that strikes looking at the iPhone 5 is the slicker body and panoramic screen. The basic design of the iPhone 5 is the same as iPhone 4 and 4S. The speculations of a ‘Tear-drop’ design ended when Tim cook uncovered the iPhone.

Apple for now is smiling with its new product that sports a faster chip, A6, better operating system, advanced iOS features and camera, ever-lasting battery life, metal body and support for Long Term Evolution or LTE networks (a 4G standard) including the traditional 3G and Wi-Fi. The black spot on the cream is the Lightning Port, new connector on the phone’s base, which is quite smaller and shaped differently from the earlier version, instantly rendering obsolete the millions of spare charging cords, docks and iPhone-ready clock radios which iPhone loyalist accumulated over the years. While having an indifferent reaction from the market, the Lightning connector can be a boon to companies selling accessories and add on for iPhones and iPads.

The price tag of iPhone 5 is surprisingly a winner with the iPhone 4S ($199…). Considering the significance of the device, has Apple really pulled it off this time?

In early 2012 Samsung toppled Apple, riding the success of Android with 64.1% of global market during April-June quarter. With Android evolving at great pace, and Microsoft pushing their smartly designed Windows Phone 8 in the market, Apple may lose the race if it fails to innovate software that powers the iPhone formation.

The introduction of iPhone definitely re-defined smartphone era in 2007, but Apple can’t really breathe on this success anymore. They do require more than those grand launch parties and skinny gadgets to keep them competitors at bay. Apple’s new handset goes on sale, and it isn’t afraid to be bold!

Milan Lamba

Milan Lamba, our only student writer contributes to the young-quirky group of writers, having mastered in English from Punjab University, Chandigarh, her flare in the language is unquestionable. Beauty and acknowledgment in her words and expressions comes effortlessly, belonging to the serene Himachal Pradesh. She discovered her love for writing through the authoritative command she has in English grammar and the love for nature. Also a painter, Milan understand the skills and pills required for carving design ideas in paper as she herself is a fashionaholic. Determined to write forever, Milan is fetching all kinds of write-ups in the design & art section along with completing Master of Philosophy. You can get in touch with her through facebook.

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