How to Use Adobe Fireworks for Graphic Design?

Different types of graphics are designed for print and electronic media using Adobe Fireworks software. CS6 is the latest edition of Adobe Fireworks with top-rated features like pages panel, path panel, PDF export, align panel upgraded, guide measure, measurement auto shapes, 9-slice scaling tool etc… which help out in making websites and vector graphics with great ease.

Before starting the graphic designing tutorial, it is necessary to have some basic idea about how to use Adobe Fireworks. In case you are a beginner, you can still learn the design work using Adobe software.

Creating Curves

Every graphic designer should know “the making of curves”, as it is one of the main graphic design skill that can come into play any time.

While making a curve, the first step is to create a stretched rectangle. After making a rectangle, select one among the four points of the rectangle by using the sub-selection tool. While using this tool, Adobe Fireworks will warn that the object will be ungrouped; you should accept it and move ahead.

Creating Curves with Adobe Fireworks

Second step is to change the shape of rectangle by using pen tool. Using this tool, make a point on the lowest line of the rectangle (preferably at the center) and click drag. You will notice curve handles of the point appearing. Release click after the curve handles appear.

The third and final step is adjusting the curves… for this, you have to click at the point you had created in the second step and correct or fine-tune shape of the curve by pressing and dragging the curve handles.

Drop Shadow

This is a graphic effect in the Effects Panel of the Windows Properties. For applying drop shadow, you need to select the graphic and “+” option under Effects tab. When you are there, click at Drop Shadow for the effect to appear. You can change the shadow properties to make the effect look soft or crisp. For a soft shadow effect, change the properties, by changing the values of distance to 2px and softness to 5. For making it crisp, you can input the value of distance as 3px and softness as 4.

Feathering of Images

If you have an imported image where you do not want a certain section to be seen, or only parts of the picture to be displayed, then use the Image Extraction techniques available in Adobe Fireworks. One of the most popular features is feathering which will get rid of the sharp finish to generate a revised image by providing a fading in pixel radius.

Paste Inside

Any graphic can be placed in a vector shape by using the “paste inside” feature of Adobe Fireworks. For this, you need to place the graphic over the vector shape while selecting and chopping the graphic only.

Subsequently, select the vector shape and paste that particular graphic inside with Ctrl+Shift+ V buttons.  It is always advised to give a stroke and shadow to such images for making the entire graphic look better.

Adobe Fireworks CS6


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