How to Decorate Your Home with a Middle Eastern Influence?

The Middle East is known as the cradle of civilisation and the flavours of ancient culture and religion have survived to the present day. As it is the region of convergence of multiple influences, the architecture and the interior décor of the place have evolved to be colourful and flavourful.


When we think of Middle Eastern interior design, the picture that pops up in mind is a mix of luxury, refinement, style, and exquisite taste with asceticism, but yet modest, simple and comfortable. Their décor beautifully blends and reflects the depth of wisdom, the richness of their culture and the mystery of ancient times. The people there love to decorate their homes in rich colours, luxurious furnishings and blend them well with handmade items and traditional patterns.

If you want to decorate your home with a Middle Eastern influence, then the following tips will help you in achieving it with a contemporary elegance.

  1. Floor Seating: This is a popular form of seating. A cosy pallet draped in soft carpets and pillows will be an ideal arrangement. You can also have a low-level bench with thick mattress and scatter pillows all over for comfort. Another option can be to create a ring of cushions in bright shades around a low table topped with traditional hookah pipe for a truly relaxing experience of the Middle East.
  2. Materials and Techniques Used: The Middle Eastern interior design trends make ample use of teak wood, ivory, wrought iron and ceramics. Use of metal forging, intricate decoration patterns, and silver, brass, copper or gold plated metal is must for your home to have a Middle Eastern feel.
  3. Ornate Carved Metals – Decorative arches, wall niches, carved wood or forged wall mirrors, lamps and bed headboards, bronze or gold metal antique oil lamps, candlesticks are a throwback to earlier Arabian eras. Using these will instantly impart a traditional Middle Eastern vibe to your home. Select a set of intricately designed bronze candle holders or outdoor lanterns to add to the atmosphere. Lanterns are an inexpensive way to add a Middle Eastern vibe to your living space.
  4. Fabrics: The fabrics used in upholstery are in velvet and chiffon and again in rich warm colours like golden, red etc. You can get creative and implement your own colourful fabrics as sheer curtains, valences or use it as a canopy to dress up a tall ceiling.
  5. Geometrical Patterns: This is one of the most easily recognisable Middle Eastern artistic traits. If you look around, you will find that right from the shape of their buildings to the prints in fabrics and artwork, they make use of geometric patterns everywhere. You can incorporate it into your décor in the form of area rugs, throw pillows or a piece of framed wall art.
  6. Mother of Pearl: The Ottomans inlaid mother of pearl into intricate designs and used them in mosques, furniture, castles etc. It is an expensive thing, so you invest in a single piece of furniture or accessory that is either carved or inlaid with mother of pearl if it comes within your budget. The other option can be to go for a piece that mimics its look for a luxurious Middle Eastern feel.
  7. Privacy: The Islamic culture gives very high value to privacy and hence their architecture reflects that. If you wish, you can get that feel in your home by installing a Moorish inspired window shade.
  8. Use Bright Rich Colours: Select rich and warm colours like gold, red, magenta, or navy to give your home interiors a Middle Eastern vibe. The colour azure and all shades of turquoise, rich red and juicy orange actually add to the brightness, warmth and peace. This colour palette makes the sensual and festive interiors feel cosy and comfortable.

Middle Eastern décor can be incorporated into your home through small details and unique decor accessories. Just by keeping in mind the above tips and using colours specific to the region you can create a comfortable, romantic and luxurious atmosphere of Middle East in your home.

There are many things that you can display in your homes like intricate wall paintings, statues, decorative screens featuring exotic birds and beautiful flowers, natural stone and bronze figurines, painted clay figurines of animals and birds etc. You don’t need each and everything. Just a few, which gels well with your surrounding and taste, will do the magic.

Also, you don’t need to spend too much to give your home the Middle Eastern feel. Small things like semi-transparent curtains, copper jugs, candles in coloured glass jars, and colourful carpets add charm and chic to a room. These small detailing helps in decorating your abode inspired by mysterious and fascinating Middle Eastern flavour.

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