How to Decorate … Just about Anything!

Many people in the United States seem to be “all thumbs” when it comes to decorating. Very often, they begin with the belief that it’s a difficult task to decorate, that you have to be professional to do the job right … that ordinary people just don’t know how to decorate. And that’s wrong.

How To DecorateYou can be successful at decorating your home, and all of the rooms in it, by employing just a bit of imagination … by spending some time thumbing through decorating magazines … by watching home decorating programs on television … even by visiting the homes of friends and acquaintances.

It’s not as hard as you may think to learn how to decorate. In fact, for most folks, it’s something of an acquired skill. You learn by watching … by reading … by seeing what others have done. And you use that knowledge in your own life … certainly in your own home.

One thing you need to know about decorating is that, in almost all cases, “less is more.” By that I mean, especially when you’re decorating the rooms of your home – avoid clutter. Too much furniture … too many lamps … an abundance of paintings and “sconces” on the wall or next to the wall all seem to have the negative effect of making the area feel “crowded and uncomfortable.”

That’s the opposite of the effect you want to achieve. If you’ve ever visited a model home in a new home development, you already know what I mean. The developer, trying to sell homes, makes the model appear as attractive as possible.

In most cases, he has hired a design firm that, of course, knows how to decorate. And the results of their effort: each room in the model home is stunning – because it employs the technique of limited furniture and lots of open space. That works … that is “Decorating 101.”

You don’t have to be a professional decorator or interior designer to achieve great effects. Consider the living room in your home. Your initial thought may be to place your sofa and club chairs along the wall so that they’re out of the way. A better idea – in fact, a much better idea – is to place the sofa and matching chairs in the center of the room for the express purpose of creating a “conversation pit.”

When the furniture is placed in the middle of the room, visitors to your home will be able to sit relatively close to one another and that helps make it a more social setting. Plus … the room just looks better when you’ve created “the pit.” That’s how professional designers do it; that’s how you should decorate, as well.

There are many other terrific, yet simple-to- learn, ideas that will enable you to develop the skill you want, the skill that teaches you how to decorate effectively … generally without breaking your budget. Yes … you don’t have to spend a lot to have a beautiful home … one you’ve decorated on your own.

So … come on. Now that you know a little about how to decorate – take a good look at your home and start planning changes. Remember: you can do it..


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