How to Become a Better Designer?

Do you know how to become a better designer? What does it really take? Even if you don’t, I think you can do so by learning new skills and trying all of our design tips listed below.

Communicate Message Through Design

Here are some of the important tips you should keep in mind to be a better designer in your niche.

  • Learn how to use the grid in designing layouts
  • Use better font options with the help of technology
  • Use free color generators and check out different palettes
  • Communicate that message to masses through your design
  • Pencil a sketch before using design software
  • Explore and draw all you can before finalizing a design
  • Learn to draw and copy-write effectively
  • Research, research and research more…

Let us know in the comments if you were able to implement any of the creative design tips mentioned above to become a better designer.


I currently hold an editor-level position with and Co-Founder as well. In my opinion, everyone has their taste for design, plus the scope of writing is wide and thus the contribution I make here through words would encourage me to explore this section apply.

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  1. Good advice. Whenever I’m wkoirng on a new system, I try to think about how different player archetypes (of which I am personally only one) will experience the system. I channel friends and coworkers I know, and think about what they would get out of a particular system. There is no objective designer perspective, just a long list of various subjective perspectives. It’s a designers job to please the right subset of those perspectives.Judging which are right is the catch though, heh. That and keeping your personal opinion separate from that judgment call. Different games cater to different audiences

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    1. Thanks for the word Nidhi, couldnt have said it any better 🙂

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