Gunkanjima is a Battleship Island in Japan

Common English word “Battleship Island” is popularly related to Gunkanjima in Japan, which is the short-name for Hashima Island abandoned years ago. Travelers are only allowed to explore the remains of this prohibited island through path designated by the authorities.

Gunkanjima Hashima Island Japan

Gunkanjima is an every traveler’s dream-place, was the most populous place of all back in the days and quite well known for coal mining activities by the west coast.

Living in Japan, Michael Gakuran was fortunate enough to explore and photograph this place with a knowledgeable guide.

Images published in this article were taken by Michael and to see more of his creative photography, please check out

Gunkanjima Hashima Island Japan Buildings


Gunkanjima Hashima Island Japan


Gunkanjima Hashima Island Japan Remains


Gunkanjima Hashima Island Japan Ruins


Images © Michael Gakuran

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