Giuseppe Zanotti bejewels Abu Dhabi

“Shoes are the quickest way for women to achieve instant metamorphosis” quotes Manolo Blahnik (Spanish fashion designer) and if those shoes are of Giuseppe Zanotti, trust us, women can achieve instant satisfaction.

Giuseppe Zanotti Design Boutique Abu DhabiGiuseppe Zanotti is world renowned, Italian by origin, women shoe designer who has freelanced with some top brass in the beginning of his career, for example; Roberto Cavalli, Dior, Missoni and Valentino. Zanotti patented his first shoe store in Milan in the year 2000, and has now spread all over the world. He has had the honor of being nominated four times for the “Designer of the year” and has also won the “Prix d’Excellence de la Mode” for best footwear collection by Marie Claire International in 2010.

Spreading its wings all over the world, Giuseppe Zanotti has now opened up a luxury showroom at Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi. The store is a perfect adumbration of Giuseppe Zanott’s designs.

The blue-eyed Zanotti is famous for its designer shoes with exquisite embroidery and skillful use of diamonds. The innovative ideas and masterpiece footwear seems like a showpiece. He is been creating masterpieces for over 25 years now, and his collections seem to be like a reverie. Zanotti’s ideas about the design for women footwear in his words is “Just like boys talk to women and animals talk together, any single shoe talks directly to the woman.

The elegance of Giuseppe design is flawlessly displayed in the Etihad Towers showroom. The 90 sq m space is a luxury fill which blends with the interesting and gorgeous design of the shoes.

An Etihad tower is already a famous mark in Abu Dhabi, quite well known for its posh and elegant interiors. The Giuseppe Zanotti design boutique fits perfectly in the beauty of the tower. The regal interior with appealing use of chandeliers and draperies looks charming with the bejeweled footwear. It lights up the whole place making those gorgeous shoes look way more striking.

Giuseppe Zanotti’s Autumn Winter Collection 2012 is now displaying compilation inspired by famous photography of Helmut Newton. The set includes nude shades with the use of fur and ankle candies. The use of strong colors was adopted by Zanotti, like browns, suedes and camels. Ankle wraps are very popular among celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez and Kiera Knightly. The snake straps and crystal stilettos are all up, available in the store. During the inauguration of the store, Giuseppe Zanotti rightly said “If you know a woman’s body and different materials, you can apply all the ideas you want in a shoe.”

Milan Lamba

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