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Hristo Butchvarov - Graphic DesignerHristo Butchvarov has extensive experience working as a graphic designer on web site. It took him at least 8 months to secure his first and foremost design gig, and Hristo hasn’t looked back ever since.

We got an exclusive opportunity to chit chat with Mr. Butchvarov and I’m sure you would want to read about it as well. Continue reading below… – Please tell us a little about yourself, where are you from and how did you end up being a designer?

Hristo Butchvarov – My name is Hristo Butchvarov and I was born and raised in Haskovo, Bulgaria. After graduating from high school, I decided to move to Plovdiv so that I could attend Sociology in “Paisiy Hilendarski” University. I began learning Adobe Photoshop back in 2008 when I found step-by-step design tutorial for beginners on a web site. At first, it was just for fun but I didn’t knew that I’d found my greatest passion. In 2010, I had to switch my job when I needed some extra cash. This is when I thought of sorting out my Photoshop skills and decided to search for some design projects at one of the freelance web site. This was the beginning of my career as a graphic designer. – Is it necessary to go to design school to learn how to be a good designer or is it enough to “attend the school of hard knocks?”

Hristo Butchvarov – I’ve never attended design school, so I don’t think that you need school or college to be a designer. If you have enough passion and willpower for whatever you want to do, you can learn anything. Today, World Wide Web is loaded with information from diverse sources. The design education can surely help with solid base, however if you are a self-taught designer, you can do it on your own as well. – What are the key elements of a good design? Is good design a function of creativity … of sound experience … or both?

Hristo Butchvarov – If the design is functional, it is supposed to be good and if creative, even better! When you manage to deliver productive and functional designs, it is great. Both things always go together, hand in hand. Perfect design always has to be creative, but functional at the same time. – What inspires you, and your designs?

Hristo Butchvarov – While sitting in front a white canvas, I have no clue about my artistic imagination and what am I going to do… and always thrilled at the good artistic work coming out of my hands. Creating great masterpiece and polishing the actual design inspires me to keep going for the end result, that’s the greatest satisfaction. Offering freedom to an ingenious idea that has been locked up in my mind for ages gives me peace and enjoyment 🙂 – Is there any real difference between designing a brochure/pamphlet/logo, room in a home and clothing for a beautiful woman?

Hristo Butchvarov – If we exclude details from each project, the design process is generally the same.

Hristo Butchvarov - Banner Design – How do you work on your design projects? I mean, what design software, applications and design tools do you use the most for your projects?

Hristo Butchvarov – I use Adobe Photoshop for 90% of my work. Basically, all I need is Photoshop and internet so that I can perform research to find appropriate material for the project. Being a freelance designer, I have the option and ability to work from my home, coffee shop or anywhere in the world for that matter. – Are there ever times when design changes are radical?

Hristo Butchvarov – It happens from time to time. Mostly, if there is lack of communications and if it’s missing clear project specifications. This is the reason I required detail information before taking every project. If you have all the information available from the very beginning misunderstandings and radical changes in the project can be avoided. – Can you tell us about your design portfolio and clientele (people you have worked with & for)?

Hristo Butchvarov – I’ve worked with people from all around the world. I have been dealing with clients from India, United States, Australia, Italy, Canada etc. This is definitely a grand experience for me. Many of them come back to me for their future graphic design projects. This is quite important for me because this aspect shows that I have right attitude to deliver quality designs.

Your portfolio is the key. Check out my effort at

Hristo Butchvarov - Website Design – Any design tips you would like to share with fresher’s just starting out in the design industry?

Hristo Butchvarov – You have to be consistent!

At the beginning of my career I applied for work at one of the freelance job offering sites. I kept hoping that my inexpensive bids will get me some sort of design project to work on… The days went by with nothing, turned into weeks and time flew by. Although I didn’t secure my first design job at till the end of eighth month but my persistence paid off and career as a freelance graphic designer blossomed after, ever since. That was the time someone finally believed in me, and hired me.

It is sugary but not an easy job. If you like what you do, please don’t give up!

Hristo Butchvarov - Infographic Design

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