Facebook or Google Ads: Do They Even Work?

So you were wondering whether Facebook ads work the way Google Display Network or Adsense has worked for businesses all these years? The battle for reigning in online advertising industry has only elevated between Google & Facebook and it can get very tough for advertisers to make a decision.

Interestingly, developing a brand presence while Advertising on Facebook requires a completely different approach than advertising on Google AdWords. Of course, the advantages of advertising on Facebook are different as well.

Which one is better advertising platform?

In the perfect sense, you would want to try out both Google and Facebook advertising platforms for your business. While advertising on Google and Facebook, you would find number of similarities and differences between both platforms.

If you are not able to decide which one is better, check out the WordStream infographic for comparison. Their research published in the infographic shows that Google is a preferred choice for display advertising for various reasons such as enhanced ad targeting options, higher-level CPC performance and myriad of ad formats that Facebook currently lacks. Realistically, one should try both platforms in order to find out which is best fit for their business-brand.

Facebook Ads - Do They Even Work?


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