‘Diptyque’- Inamoratas Of The Victorian Style Design

In the world of Uber fancy decor and ever changing demands, the word ‘traditional’ sounds very old. The retail design industry is comprised of many different brands and companies, and every year thousands of designers emerge into the retail interior decor scene. With the striving economy and flourishing online shopping the retail interior designing is strenuously making its way through and up!

Diptyque Paris

Sophisticated designer Christoper Jenner a UK based interior decorator and the owner of the French Fragrance brand ‘Diptyque Paris’ based in Leadenhall market in London, resurrected a new era of interior designing. Like the Oscar Winning film ‘The King’s Speech’ which was based on the Victorian epoch, his store seems to be a part of the movie. It stands out on the sidewalks with dark wooden finish with dentils and columns. The design of the store was to unify the French and English influences together in a highly designed space. The expression of the physical and structural DNA of the brand constructed an element of heritage, quiescent and quality. The most enterprising work of the store is the use of hand-painted glasses, dark walnut wood and brass knobs which is keeping it very traditional. Some of the areas of the store are heavily lit with chandeliers and traditional lightning tubes and some areas gives us the glimpses of the time gone by. With warm hues used like red, gold and purple there are every aspect of the Victorian style in the store. An object of the wall features lovingly restyled retro furniture and an artistic distressed hand painted mirror below with acid washed Diptyque copper logo set into the classic Liberty ‘fan’ fabric design reprinted as a wallpaper, all stand as an artistic tribute to the brand.

The most striking feature of the store is the ‘Choriambe’ fabric design; thousands of laser cut peep holes provide viewing screen towards the mirrored back walls.

Diptyque Paris London Store

The framework of the store was to merge in the French and English traditional styles together and that was the central theme of the design. The result of the two iconic design styles has provided textures and elegant look all over the done-up spaces. The timeless architecture and the quality of the design makes Diptyque protrude from the rest.

The passion for design, the knowledge of architecture and constant drive to establish something creative is demonstrated looking at this store, positioning Diptyque Paris ‘a luxury brand with innovative vision’.

Milan Lamba

Milan Lamba, our only student writer contributes to the young-quirky group of writers, having mastered in English from Punjab University, Chandigarh, her flare in the language is unquestionable. Beauty and acknowledgment in her words and expressions comes effortlessly, belonging to the serene Himachal Pradesh. She discovered her love for writing through the authoritative command she has in English grammar and the love for nature. Also a painter, Milan understand the skills and pills required for carving design ideas in paper as she herself is a fashionaholic. Determined to write forever, Milan is fetching all kinds of write-ups in the design & art section along with completing Master of Philosophy. You can get in touch with her through facebook.

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