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Poster designing is an important element of graphic design profession. Just like brochures, postcards and flyers are used for delivering certain message to the target audience; posters are also an effective communication medium.

Creative art not only pushes your message across but also connect people with your brand and in turn tempt them to buy, use or fulfill the purpose of creating the advertisement to a large extent. Hence posters should be designed with a lot of planning and keeping a lot of aspects in mind.

Play Collective Poster Design

Creating simple yet original posters

A poster should be able to convey your message through the graphic representation and colors, without much use of words. In fact, less number of words used is better. Keep readers and target audience in mind while designing an effective poster.

There are plentiful posters being published world over. However, it is only the original and unique ones that stand out. Your message idea in the poster should be represented through colors and graphics and should be simple, unique yet easy to re-call. It should be effective enough for the people to recognize your brand; understand and remember the message even if they have not seen it for some time.

Harmony between message and aesthetics

Aesthetics of a poster should depend a lot on the message being conveyed in it, e.g. if you have your message which is in a serious tone, then do not put any hip graphics or create a multi-colored layout. Similarly, if the message is pertaining to the brand of a company, go for aesthetics that revolve around the brand-name and message to be communicated.

Careful use of colors

Colors are very essential and significant while designing a poster. They not only attract viewers but also engage them to seize their interest in the poster and message printed on it.

Plan your graphic design carefully by considering the colors that suit your message or the brand-name of the client. Generally two, three or four colors used, are more effective.

Color Palette

Proper use of fonts

Creating your own signature font is a good idea, though it would need some practice to see which font is ideal. Try not to use a lot of different fonts in the same poster, as it will tend to look disorganized and, or cluttered. An appropriate font size should look proportionate to the layout, should be readable and the entire text should be simple and used to its minimum.

Most of the designers habitually use Sans-Serif font for the poster headline.

Create a balance

Your basic design should have a proper and proportionate layout in terms of the poster size, and should be balanced i.e. the number of elements (graphics and words) should look equal in the entire poster in whichever direction viewed.

Gaining attention from the crowd

The intention of creating a poster is to gain interest of general public and more eye-balls.

Your graphic or photography elements and colors used should be such that they should stand-out and mesmerize the readers to have a look, understand and recall the message. The main idea is to create an impact. Many graphic designers put in an interesting question or hard-hitting words in their poster or put in a quite unique and creative word art, so that it catches an eye. Therefore, plan your placard, by thinking about an innovative idea to draw interest!

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