Designed & Made in Los Angeles Logo Revealed

The winning logo design of “Designed & Made in Los Angeles” was revealed by Antonio Villaraigosa, the Los Angeles Mayor for the garment hang tag logo competition. Mr. Mayor unveiled the creative design work at a press conference on October 15, 2011 at the Cooper Design Space downtown.

Youth Monument’s Colby Long was the designer behind the design of winning logo which actually illustrates a hand holding a sewing needle encircled by the words “Designed & Made in Los Angeles” with “&” sign shown as a piece of thread.

“The goal of the “Designed & Made in Los Angeles” project is to help this industry continue to grow, and with 10,000 fashion-related companies employing 100,000 people, our city has the tools to get you from pattern design to movie premiere” said Villaraigosa.

Designed & Made in Los Angeles Logo Revealed

The winning logo is one of the 23 designs that qualified for the contest. It will be available to all the accessory and apparel designers located within the city limit of Los Angeles to use on clothing tags, designer labels, store banners and official websites. Interestingly, 19 local design firms and manufacturers have already committed to participate in the program.

Some of the popular and well known designer brands who have signed in to take part in the initiative are:

  1. American Apparel
  2. Youth Monument
  3. LoudLove Jewelry
  4. Popomomo Los Angeles
  5. Petro Zilla
  6. Again
  7. THVM Denim
  8. Cerre
  9. Dream Collective Jewelry
  10. Edith Palm
  11. Bohemian Society
  12. Lavuk
  13. Belle N. Matisse
  14. Mila Hermanovski
  15. Jenny Dayco
  16. Penelope and Coco
  17. Sires Eyewear
  18. 722 Figueroa Brands
  19. Axthelm Collection

The “Designed & Made in Los Angeles” logo project is aimed at promoting the local designers and brands among international market, which will in turn help create more employment and product export opportunities.


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