Design Styles; You’re limited only by your own Imagination

Design StylesWhen it comes to creating design styles for your home, or even for your office – the sky is the limit. There are many design styles that you can choose, all of which you can study in design tutorials and retail store showrooms.

The design style you choose for your home is, of course, a personal decision … totally up to you. What design styles are available to you? There is really a laundry list of ideas from which you can choose – modern … ultra-modern … contemporary … antique … colonial … rustic … “ranch-style” … Mediterranean … “funky” … eclectic – the list is virtually limitless.

Importantly, you can, if you feel adventurous, use different design styles in different rooms. You would not be the first homeowner to do that and you would probably not be the last. And how would that work out?

Well … you can turn your large kitchen area into a warm and inviting “country” kitchen with a large wood breakfast table and cabinets that sport a “rough, unfinished, but nevertheless, charming look. Do it correctly and you’ll love the “feel.” Your friends and neighbors will sing your praises, as well.

Stay with the eclectic idea and turn your family room into a “rustic” haven with wood beams below the ceiling, a roaring fireplace or, better yet, a pot belly stove, an entertainment center with an “old-fashioned” look … wood floors covered by throw rugs – you get the idea.

So … what will you do about the living room? Well, since you’re being eclectic, how about fitting this room with a comfortable contemporary look – a plush, inviting sofa … attractive floor lamps … some handsome artwork on the walls … beautiful end tables …. And anything else that appeals to you.

As far as your bedrooms are concerned, if you have kids, why not create an enduring theme for each of their bedrooms? Turn your son’s room into a “sports palace” … your daughter’s room into a feminine hideaway … and as for the Master Bedroom – fit it with a stunning four-poster bed , rich, dark wood end tables and dressers … a full length mirror … more. When you’ve finished, your Master Bedroom will offer a “can’t refuse” respite from the pressures of the day.

Finally, turn your bathrooms into “private pleasure palaces” where you can go to enjoy a soothing and relaxing bath or an invigorating shower.  The “look” of each bathroom can be whatever you want it to be … as long as it is inviting and irresistible.

Of course, you don’t have to furnish your home in an eclectic manner. You can rely on a design firms, specific theme or one or two design styles to turn your home into a showplace that draws rave reviews from anyone who visits.

If you like a contemporary look, use it all over the house … ultra-modern, make that your choice, prefer antiques – they can give a room a feel of real warmth and look great, as well.

The fact is that there are no limits to the design styles you can use to decorate your house and turn it into a true home. The lonely limitation is, of course, your imagination. Don’t let it stop you.


I currently hold an editor-level position with and Co-Founder as well. In my opinion, everyone has their taste for design, plus the scope of writing is wide and thus the contribution I make here through words would encourage me to explore this section apply.

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