Decorate Your Home Using Wood Beams

Decorate your home using wood beams as they can be a stunning addition to the interior design of any house. Wooden beams add their own character to the interior decoration of the house, and they can also add a touch of history in whichever room they are used. Even though wooden beams might cost more than your stipulated budget there are several options available using which you can add style and elegance to your house well within your budget.

Structural wooden beams are usually made of decorative wood which create the illusion of sturdy and solid wood thus reducing the cost factor. Similarly wooden beams made of faux wood are also quite light on the wallet while adding exquisite style and elegance to your house. The wooden beams made of faux wood are composed of several types of plastics which are extremely cost-effective yet high on the style factor. Hence decorative wooden beams and structural wooden beams can add a distinct style to the interior decoration of your house.

Solid Wood Beams:

The rustic appearance of the wooden beams will set your home apart from the others. In case you are building your home using timber post or timber framing the beam construction made from solid wood will be by default in your house. Hence all you need to do is decorate the exposed part of the wooden beams and you can create a different interior aspect in your house at no extra cost. The solid beauty of the timber wooden beams will definitely surpass the beauty of structural wooden beams made of faux wood.

Decorate Your Home Using Wood Beams

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Incase your budget permits you can use wooden beams made from pine, chestnut, oak, birch or even Maple which are sanded and polished depending upon the interior decoration of your house and then fixed in the desired positions. Though expensive the wooden beams made from solid wood will definitely be worth the expense.

Faux Wood Beams:

The faux wooden beams are sold across many furniture stores as a cost-effective solution to the classic solid wood beams. The faux wood beams are made of polyurethane plastics and hence are almost indistinguishable from the real wooden beams. Not only are the faux wooden beams cost-effective but they are also easier to install since they are extremely lightweight in comparison to the solid wood beams.

Since the wood beams will form an essential part of the interior decoration of your home it is best to get them installed by an expert so that you can enjoy the beauty of the wooden beams for many years to come.


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