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D&AD LogoAfter the success of iPhone 4 (I firmly refer to the sales figures here), a notch to the top is surely well balanced for Apple & Co. when Design and Art Direction Awards (D&AD) in London chose Apple as the best design studio of the last 50 years. This is that little round cherry on the cake for Apple apart from the nice lick on the icing!

Sir Jonathan Ive, (fondly called Sir Jony), the second name for Apple or the father of iPod and iPhone, understood how iconic the appreciation is, when bestowed by D&AD and thus his speechless presence holding the award was acceptable.  It was celebration time for D&AD as well, completing 50 years and cementing excellence as they rise in the Design Marketing industry. It screamed out loud about their presence and credibility when Apple made its presence felt on one of the most prestigious platforms.

As expected In Apple the job is performed always with glamour and high competitive emotions, digital or non-digital. Thus, Ive did not only deck himself up for the gala night but with him accompanied his grand team of 14 men and 2 women to receive the best studio award. The stage was filled with nostalgia when the army raised their bar of excellence at D&AD. “If anyone wondered whether D&AD mattered, the world’s most valuable company has flown its entire design team over” said Robert Senior, chief executive of Saatchi & Saatchi.

D&AD Awards 2012

It is rare to see a man withdrawing the success off his shoulder and sharing it with his studio team. It was at D&AD only where the correct mix of iconic contribution and applauded design ideas jelled with the designer emotions. Among the gurus who praised Apple advanced technology and theorems, was Clive Grinyer, a famous with Samsung and Cisco as product designer, co-founder Tangerine. “Just extraordinary to see 17 members of Apple design team on stage for 50 years of D&AD. Heroes” he said.

The hype created in London by D&AD is no more than a green signal for the competitive and creative associates to outsmart Apple by training their own Army of success.

Raman Sandhu

Raman Sandhu has rushed and brushed her career with the fancy corporate world, yet still aiming advanced mechanism in human resources. Writing was never inherited, it is simply her flare of expression in anything and everything that she finds her interest of say! If readers can imagine what's expressed through pen by Raman, its definitely a win-win situation for her. She has started writing with an experimented and quite varied genre of designs, and different aspects. While working as a human resource manager with an architect company, the language of design and decor is always easy to understand for her. You can connect with Raman through facebook profile.

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