“Classic Furnishing” An Asset to your Home

After more than an hour on pot-hole ridden, carbon monoxide choked roads, when you enter your place your eyes would search for the arm-chair where you could spend the most relaxed and peaceful time of the day. Jaclyn Joslin an interior designer and the owner of coveted home furnishing company believe that “a comfortable and beautiful house can change your life…”.

During Jaclyn’s various home decorating projects, she had very well come across that the clients are willing to buy classic and elegant furnishings.

She is of the view that there are many factors contributing to a good home and Classic furniture gives a sense of satisfaction to the people. It has its own charm and beauty which makes it the more likable. Even old and outdated furniture can buoy up your place, new paint and few alterations here and there would make your old and weary furniture look elegant and gorgeous.

Decorating a new house is similar to attaching the pieces of puzzle together, looking for look-alikes and shapes. The location of the furniture is to be reworked like the kitchen chairs moving in lounge area, the living room table in dining room or the wooden desk going into the study room. You may do this without actually spending too much of money on purchasing expensive furniture which may look out of place.

Classic Furnishing

In the present scenario people are quite “brand” conscious, spending a large amount on merchandise and accessory, while home furnishing is still a laid back interest to put money on, though it got a lasting life! A small section of people are willing to spend money on home decor to embellish there residence mostly out of renovations or reconstruction situations. Such investments on classic furniture adds grace and beauty to your home. I don’t believe these pieces can ever be outdated or out of style, and is still considered epic through the artistic designs of the renowned designers like Billy Baldwin, Dorothy Draper, and David Hicks etc. as their style even today is considered remarkable.

“Stick to things you really like and love. An honest room is always up-to-date.” Billy Baldwin, designer, couldn’t more aptly convey the emotional factor attached with relevant furnishings. A home is a reflection of your life style and culture. Anything traditional chosen for your space will enhance these cultured values.

image source: terrafurnishings.com


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