Butcher Block Islands for Your Kitchen

The butcher block islands available in the market today with the hottest design trends are one of the most popular accessories for your kitchen.

The prep-station has several advantages including flexibility that allows it to be used as perimeter countertops. Flexibility advantage can help place the butcher block island almost anywhere in the kitchen while making it conveniently accessible. You can use it immediately, to start chopping vegetables as well as meat without having to look around for your chopping boards.

For all intents and purposes, there are two types of butcher block islands available in the market: Freestanding and Built-in.

Butcher Block Islands for Your Kitchen

The built-in butcher block islands are quite cost effective and extremely useful in house with small kitchen area.

The freestanding butcher block islands are ideal for house with enough space and are typically placed in the center of a large kitchen. However, while establishing a freestanding option in the kitchen, you must make adequate provisions for electrical supplies in the butcher block island. For a freestanding butcher block island you can also use underground electrical wiring and plumbing to effectively enhance the functionality of the kitchen island.

The butcher block islands for kitchen are available in variety of shapes and sizes. The size of such an island ranges from 18 inches in width for smaller kitchens to 35 inches in width for larger kitchens. The length varies from 20 inches for smaller kitchens to 60 inches for larger ones.

Thickness of the island countertop must be selected very carefully since it undergoes the maximum wear and tear. On average the countertop must be at least 3 inches thick. The kitchen island countertop must also be made of durable materials like stone or granite, and must be laminated to prevent pitting as well as scoring.

The butcher block islands are also available with fixed or detachable countertops. The detachable ones are extremely cost-effective given the choice that you can simply discard the countertop after years of use while holding on to the kitchen island. A detachable countertop allows you to change the it every two or three years (or as required) without having to dig deep into your pockets.

You can purchase the butcher block islands for your kitchen online from various manufacturers or else you can have it customized by a local contractor.

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