Create Zen in Your Home by Adding Blue to the Bedroom

How do you feel when you’re gazing upon the ocean? Or lying in the green grass looking up at the cloudless afternoon sky? I’m going to guess that you feel much like the majority of humankind feels when seeing blue — peaceful, calm and relaxed. Throughout history, people have turned to color in order to provoke different feelings and treatments of ailments. Blue was thought to treat pain and soothe illnesses. On the contrary, blue can also be cold and somewhat depressing, if too dark or stark.

It’s a delicate balance of color and texture, finding ways to soothe your soul as you drift to sleep each night only to awaken feeling refreshed and ready for a new day. From blue bedroom to bath, the calmness of a deep-dark color palette can certainly ease your mind, but what other tones and hues should you mix in and how?


If you’re in a hot climate, adding cool blues is a good option. Pair them with other cool colors like gray, silver and cream. According to, your sanctuary could trick your brain to think it’s cooler outside. Think about painting one accent wall a deep, rich blue offset with the other colors like brown or orange. A light, china blue could cover the entire room as it creates an airy atmosphere. And while we don’t love white walls necessarily, we do love setting white against a blue background.

Consider a white headboard against a blue-violet wall with white roses and accessories.

Blue Bedroom


From dusty blueberry to striped navy and white, blue is a popular bedding hue that coordinates with any room theme. If you’re going to lean toward the soothing and peaceful side of design, choose colors that coordinate with other feelings you’d like to evoke and that are pleasing to the eye. Adding steel blue, silver and pearl can give you the sense of ocean and a free spirit. With white pillows against a serene blue wall or headboard, feel elegance in the wind. Consider purple flowers for a pop of interest in your blue bedroom.


With stone, tile or carpet, slate blue looks great on the floors. If you want to add an explosion of color with bright blue flooring, be very careful in the bedroom not to over do it. Maybe a blue shag throw under a baby blue or white chair could be charming. If using blue as your main color palette, there’s no reason to confuse things with a blue floor. Leave that for design centers, kitchens and retail stores. Wood flooring is warm and natural and works well with any shade of blue.


If you need to minimize light, choose a heavy curtain with blue accents that coordinate with your bedroom color palette. With the attempt to keep peace in the room, consider a natural blind or shade, such as bamboo. If the daylight is welcomed, a sheer blue window treatment can add a softness to your space.


Sometimes, you just need to add one item in the room to highlight the color you intend to focus on. Toss a white shag rug under a bright blue chair. Paint one small distant wall in the room the blue of your choice. Green paired with blue can give a feeling of harmony. Tie in some green into your blue sanctuary and let the earth and sky come together in your bedroom assuring you a peaceful space.

Let us know how you did your blue bedroom in the comments fellas.


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