Best Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring has always been fashionable and best in the interior design industry. It is also preferred by most home owners in comparison to stone or marble flooring, which requires a lot of maintenance.

Best hardwood flooring is also considered an elegant, as well as stylish option by most interior decorators because of in-style quotient. The Hardwood flooring has undergone numerous changes with time along with improvement in quality. ThereforeĀ as a home owner, you have variety of choices for hardwood flooring.

Best Hardwood Flooring

Cypress Floors:

The Cypress floors are extremely popular in the market because of the elegant and stately appearance.

The initial quick look of the Cypress flooring resembles a knotty pine wood floor however a careful gaze of the flooring reveals intricate designs as well as patterns in earthy tones. The Cypress flooring consists of subtle ambers, brown in color and also operational splashes of green which make it compatible with any interior decor of the house. Because of its subtle coloring, the Cypress flooring can also be matched with traditional as well as contemporary furniture pieces.

The Cypress flooring is almost maintenance free while withstanding heavy wear and tear, without any pitting or scarring of the surface. As a home owner, you can choose between a matte and a high gloss finish for the flooring.

Hickory Floors:

The Hickory floors have been in existence for over eight years, and gained enormous popularity with interior designers as well as home owners. They are also known to be the latest design trend in the interior design industry.

Alike Cypress floors, Hickory floors are made up of traditional hardwood resembling maple, oak and cherry. Hence the Hickory flooring exhibits several subtle shades of brown and tan which can compliment traditional as well as contemporary decor of the house. The subtle coloring of the Hickory floors can also compliment all sort of furniture pieces.

The Hickory floors are one of the most versatile and durable hardwood flooring available in the market today. Such flooring can last for decades to come without any signs of wear and tear on the surface irrespective of matte or high-gloss finish.

So now you can add an elegant as well as stylish touch to your house with one of the best hardwood flooring.


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