Bathroom Designs can be Surprisingly Attractive

When the question of bathroom designs arises, most of us tend to be a little clueless. The average American home often has bathrooms that are more utilitarian than good-looking.

It’s not because Americans don’t want their bathrooms to be visually attractive … it’s that, for the most part, they don’t know how to achieve a true decorative effect. And yet, it’s really not that difficult … or expensive. That’s the simple truth.

Here’s why. If you’ve ever walked into a quality department store, you’ve seen the beautiful bathroom “sconces” and “extras” available in the store to help turn an ordinary bathroom into something extraordinary. But … department stores often charge “full manufacturer’s retail price” and that can be expensive.

A better solution, one actually used by professional designers, is to go to a discount store like Walmart to purchase the products that will accomplish the bathroom designs that can – and will – make your bathroom look special.

Bathroom DesignsThere’s so much that you can do to create superb bathroom designs – a plush area rug … a matching, plush seat cover for the toilet … stunning and interesting, but inexpensive, wall art … a matching and attractive soap dish and toothbrush holder … a cup holder for disposable paper cups (you’ll need to use to rinse your mouth each morning and evening) … and so much more.

Now, if that sounds like a lot, it is – but, if you go to a discount store, you’ll find that all of these products are budget-friendly. In fact, the cost is so modest you’re likely to have money left over for additional purchases for your bathtub and/or shower … or both.

All of the items you can buy to “dress up your bathroom” are available in dazzling varieties of designer colors that are sure to match any existing color scheme in your home. And as I’ve already noted, the cost is far from prohibitive … it’s downright affordable.

The ability to really stretch your budget when engaging in bathroom designs means you can “keep buying” to add more interest to each of the bathrooms in your home. Perhaps, if you want, you can add a designer scale … a stylish waste basket … “soap on a rope” that can hang intriguingly from the nozzle in your shower … and so much more.

shower mixersThe point is this: there is so much you can do to make your bathroom look as good and as interesting as your living room, your family room, your dining room or your kitchen. The only thing that may stand in your way is your own imagination.

There’s no need to let that stop you from turning your bathroom into a showcase. If you’re unsure of your ability to “think outside the box,” thumb through a decorating magazine or watch a TV show that stresses home decoration.

You’ll get the ideas you want … and the confidence you need to produce bathroom designs that will have friends and neighbors heaping praise on you. Enjoy the experience!


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