8 Predictions from the Experts about the Future of E-Commerce Web Design

The retail industry is totally transformed from the days when there were only brick and mortar stores; we have come a long way since then. The disruptive technologies in social commerce, mobile and customer experience have transformed the industry altogether. The Internet rules the market these days and the trends seldom last long in this complex internet industry. Every day, new concepts and new innovations keep happening, which changes the rules of the game so drastically that either you learn fast or get wiped out.
The one-point agenda for all brand marketers now is to stay ahead of the curve and spot trends beforehand so that they can boost up the sales taking appropriate actions in time. They rope in experts to design their websites so that customers get the most efficient and pleasurable online shopping experience. To provide things that are unique, easy and in trend, creative artists are always working to come up with fresh layout styles for websites.
The one who is successful today not only needs to keep track of current trends, but also should be able to predict the future ones. While there’s a lot of crystal ball gazing in the online industry, here are few predictions about the future of e-commerce web design by the experts of the industry.

1. Emphasis Is on Creativity and Originality:


Web designing is so advanced now that the use of grid got simplified. The main purpose of the grid is only to guide how the elements within a layout should be positioned. The creative souls, however, can really use this design tool in many unique ways. This creativity can lead to websites looking more appealing and inviting keeping the navigation still simple and crisp.

2. Unique Elements:


With more and more businesses shifting focus online now, there is a flood of websites. If you really want to stand out, you need to add some unique elements. As most of the websites are designed keeping users in mind, they end up looking almost the same as most users want the same things. The future belongs to one who plays the differentiation card intelligently. It means using tools and techniques that will offer the same features that users are accustomed to, but the site should look different and shine out among the competitors.



Manmeet Singh

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