8 Important Usage Considerations for Your Mobile App Design

Mobile app designing is turning out to be one of the biggest businesses of the current times. The technological development has made lives easy for us and with smartphones getting more user-friendly, we cannot ask for anything better. There are billions of apps on the mobile platforms and most of them are just incredibly great. Some are priced, but most are free; however, app-making companies have some apps with some really valuable features for the users. The mobile apps have now become a very powerful tool for providing a huge variety of user transactions with the respective service providers. They give a secure, personalized and reliable interface between the service provider and the customer.


Here are some of the important usage considerations for mobile app design.

The Launching Screen

This is really important. Each and every person who downloads the application looks at the launch screen and therefore you should have a nice theme that brings out something really unique and fresh about the app. You will have to adjust the launch screen size in order to bring down the loading time as people hate it if the loading time is more. So, make sure you get it fixed if it is taking too long to load.

Log In

This is something, which you should consider seriously as well. With the various ways of using the user id and password for the log in, it is now being excessively used to such an extent that the users are finding it really hard to remember all of these. A better approach for this would be giving the users the freedom to login through their already active Gmail or Facebook id’s and this way, they will also find it easy to use your app and you will also not lose users because of the login issue.

Blank States

In the starting days of app usage, there will be hardly any content that can be displayed. This state – when there is very little content or absolutely no content – can be termed as blank or empty state. This blank or empty state screen has to guide the users properly as to how to start using the app.

The Sign Ups

If you have an app that is having a model of sign up, then it is best advised that you let your users feel easy about the process. You can use the information from other popular platforms like Facebook and Gmail as the login screen and this will make it a lot easier for the users.

The Check-Out

There are millions of apps that allow app transactions. It is extremely important to have the transaction details in a very structured and crystal clear manner. The information that you need to be displaying during the check-out process must have the shipping-related information and the transaction amount. It is best if you can show both the shipping and the transaction information in two different screens for clarity purposes.


The features like sharing and commenting are some of the important features that can help you promote your app among a vast number of users. If you can design an app with these features, then you will see many users share and comment on various platforms and thereby you will get a humongous reach in terms of audience; the more the users, the better for you. Therefore, make sure that your app is well designed.

Navigation and Readability

These are two important things you need to consider with utmost importance as this will impact the user’s experience while using your app. The users are pretty aware of the navigation screen on Apple and Android platforms. When you design an app, you will have to seriously take this into consideration and ensure that it does not make it difficult for the users. If you are planning to display text content on the app, then you will have to select an international font along with a contrasting background. The idea is to make it as legible as possible for the readers. Always have the users in mind when you design an app and you will start focusing on all the minute details, which will make a big difference to the end users.

Notification and App Settings

This is that place in your app that lets the users fiddle with your app settings. While designing the app settings, you can think of using small icons for different purposes and it should be easy for users to navigate from one setting feature to another. You should also give the users enough options to choose from so that they can change their app settings to match their requirement. Notifications are extremely important feature of an app. It must be really very subtle and it must never overwhelm the users.

The above mentioned points are some of the extremely important factors to consider when designing good mobile applications. There are a lot of professional app designers who follow these things religiously when they design apps.

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