8 Budget-Friendly Tricks Interior Designers Use to Design a Luxurious Looking Home

These days, people are getting really smart. They are very cost conscious and do not want to spend too much for setting up a home. Many people prefer hiring an interior designer and request them to bring out the best out of their home at a budgeted price. There are a lot of interior designers out there who do an outstanding job when it comes to setting up a house at a budgeted price.


Here are some tricks that designers use to design a luxurious looking home.

1) The Paint Effect: One of the hardest things to decide when we plan to set up our home is the color of paint that we must be using on the walls. Many people tend to choose some color, which is completely bright and this can look really bad. Try and look for a simple plain color like white. It can really enhance the beauty of your house. One more important thing is that you need to try and maintain consistency when it comes to the paint color. By doing so, you will see that the color makes your house look luxurious.

2) Accessories: Most often, golden color is considered to be rich. Many designers these days make use of some interesting accessories like gilded frames, golden color lamp and golden lighting. This not only makes the house a lot brighter, but also makes it look royal. The color silver will also go pretty well. It adds to the beauty of your house. Try and avoid any color like bright red or blue as it will ruin the beauty of your house.

3) The Crown Mold: The house that does not have a crown mold generally looks unappealing. These days, a lot of people prefer to apply crown molding to the walls as it gives their house a defined look. This also makes the house look posh with the kind of designs used. The best part is that crown molding is pretty inexpensive, which makes it a budget-friendly way to design a home that looks luxurious.

4) The Pillow Effect: Most of the houses we fall in love with has this factor. Pillows do make a house look really grand; the throw pillows are one of the finest accessories for sofas or big sized chairs. If you have noticed, it is always these oversized pillows that offer a grand and royal look to a house. If you have been purchasing small sized pillows, then it is time you dump them elsewhere and go for bigger size pillows and you will notice the difference yourself.

5) The Hardware Factor: Most of the people think that hardware materials are pretty expensive. This is not true. There are a lot of people who use cheap and low quality hardware products for their homes. This will not just ruin the look of the house, but also will become useless in some months if the quality is poor. Try looking out for some unique styles and designs that you will get at a reasonable rate. For example, if you want to buy a door knob, then look out for a wide range of royal looking knobs. It will not cost much.

6) The Window Treatment: There are plenty of options for window treatments and they are also affordable. It is always ideal to invest in the best quality that you can afford. This will not just be a onetime affair, but it will also look really good on your house. It is best if you take the help of some experts before you purchase. There are professionals who can help in making window treatments that stay within your planned budget and it will also look like you invested much more for them.

7) The Lighting Effect: This is as important as the other factors discussed above. The light used in a house can define the place. It adds a style and defines the house. Take an expert’s help and go for a unique designer look. It need not be of the biggest brand or an expensive product. You will get a lot of useful ideas when you meet a professional designer. Simple things like adding floor lamps to every room of your house can make a huge difference. If the lighting is well planned and executed, then it will surely create and expensive look as well as feel. Many people fear that this will be an expensive affair; however, it is far from the truth. Just go ahead and invest in a designer who can help you work out things inexpensively.

8) The Hardwood Impact: Most often, hardwood gives a wonderfully classic appeal. It might seem like an expensive affair; however, it will last for a long time, which thereby makes your investment well worth it. Hard wood generally comes in various kinds of wood and a few are very luxurious. Always go for something dark as it will bring in richness to the space; it is pretty similar to the plan of painting the interior doors in black.

There are plenty of ways to make your house look really luxurious. Remember that there is always an alternative to each and every product. So, you can still make your house look royal with some quality products that are available in the market for a much cheaper price.

Manmeet Singh

I currently hold the editor-level position with DesigningTips.com and Founder as well. With a group of online & offline companies under the Soofi Group in my kitty, writing for the design genre was an interesting support to DesigningTips.com. In my opinion, everyone has their taste for design, plus the scope of writing is wide and thus the contribution I make here through words would encourage me to explore this section aptly.

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