8 Beautiful Gothic-Inspired Bedroom Design Ideas

Interior designing has gone a few steps ahead in the current times. People’s interest towards bringing about a change in their house is growing. They love doing something different to make their home look fabulous and follow different design ideas to make it look appealing. There are many who spend thousands of dollars to get their house completely restructured, so you can imagine the amount of interest they show towards trying new designs. There are plenty of design ideas that one can follow and one such popularly searched style is the Gothic style.


The Gothic culture or the Gothic design is very elegant as well as extremely proficient than the normal designs. This kind of style is not necessarily the first kind of interior choice for all as the Goth culture is more often linked with the dark ambiance or the orthodox religious setup. This is absolutely a pure misconception of this style. The interiors in Goth style can be very elegant and attractive even if it uses a lot of black elements of colors in its style. If you try out this style in your bedroom, you will be surprised as to how wonderful it looks.

Here are 8 beautiful Gothic style bedroom design ideas for you.

1) Fantastic Gothic Room: The fantastic elegance of Gothic style is way too amazing. Initially, you will be a little puzzled as to how your room would appear after applying the idea as it has various patterns of sensual colors, which are very boldly applied in your room. Black damask will definitely add that style statement along with the chandelier, which will create a new look to your bedroom.

2) The Antique Style (Gothic): You can try using darker shades of colors like red or Maroon to go with the canopy bed. Velvet materials can be used on the curtains. Therefore, if you plan to go with one color, say red, you can bring in uniformity across your room from the bedspread to curtain; this will create an awesome appeal to your room.

3) Beautiful Gothic Bedroom: You can give your room the taste of iron. Bring in accessories made out of iron; you can bring in an iron bed with some interesting designs. This will not only give it a rustic look, but also your room will look very different than the normal rooms. Never use a standard paint; just mix different color combos to make it look a little old.

4) Go Bold with Gothic: If you look at the houses in the 1960s, you will pretty much get an idea. Go bold with the kind of colors you are using. Bring in a big queen sized bed in your room and let the color of the room go with the color of the bed. Make sure that it is not light; any dark shade would make it look really bold.

5) Go Bright: Gothic styles actually do not have a lot of variety. Iron beds are commonly used in Gothic designs. It completely stands out in a bedroom that is bright, so make necessary adjustments to your room so that there is enough sunlight. You can also bring in some contrast colors as your wall paint. It will give in a dynamic appeal to your room.

6)The Charming Gothic Style: This kind of style is one of a kind; the idea is very simple. You have to maintain a pattern of design everywhere. You can consider painting your walls with some creative design that can go well with the bed and other accessories in your room. The colors Black and White are most often used; therefore, you can stick to these colors if you wish. If you have black velvet bed that is antique in nature, then that will complement the wall painting you have with interesting designs.

7) The Contemporary Style: Have you ever tried painting your bedroom in dark pink color? If not, you should try it now. Your room will look terrific in Pink; there is a sensuality that is created with this color. If you have some interesting decorative accessories along with a black bed, then this is good enough to make your room look incredible. If you have a wall mirror, then it is just going to add the right feel to your Gothic style.

8) The Dramatic Style: Do you want to set your room for something special? Then bring in a canopy bed, use some black curtains to match the bed, and add in a carpet or two in black. If you have a room lamp, then great; you are all set for the dramatic changeover. This is Gothic bedroom design at its best. You can try mixing and matching the style to see what works best for you.

These are some of the design ideas that can get you started with Gothic design. You can also take the help of a professional interior designer to remodel your room in Gothic style.

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