7 Professional Fonts for Graphic Designers

The importance of how your logo designs can help you achieve business success and how you can attain inspiration to design the best logo cannot be emphasized enough. Well, if you are being perfect on the design end, you are close to perfection with the same; if you also take typography into consideration, you will achieve amazing results. In this entry, we will discuss about the 7 professional fonts for graphic designers. Here we will talk about what you should consider before choosing a font and the top 7 fonts being used today.


Few Questions to Ask Yourself before You Choose a Font:

Have you done your branding strategy right?
Have you started any work in which the typography element is involved?
Whom are you going to pitch to?
What elements would your business have?
Which industry are you catering to?
How long have you projected your business and the analytical bandwidth your business has?

The branding strategy gives you a clear picture on how you have planned to position your business visually in the market of which typography is also an important element; this will help you choose the font.

If you have already used some fonts in your past work, which is related to business you have to get in a parity in the font you would be using in the future. Considering your target audience will help you choose the best font on the lines of where the target audience comes from and how they would pursue you as a business. Analyze the elements of your business (website, business cards, advertisements, banners, E- mails etc.) and the team that can do the brand planning for you as an add-on. How well and quick you can adapt to changing trends proves how dynamic you are as a business. Based on all the above points, we have listed in this entry 7 professional fonts for graphic designers. We will help you understand case by case and business by business why and how these fonts are chosen, which will help you make choices in a much better way over just lamely choosing a font.

Halvetica: Halvetica is our top pick among the 7 professional fonts we would be writing on. It is globally the most accepted and the most used font by the professionals. Most of the people we have spoken to say it looks great, although the spacing between the fonts is a little tight. Halvetica is mostly used by electronic manufacturing companies.

Trajan: Trajan is our second pick. It is widely used in the Hollywood movie industry. It relates and serves the purpose of serving the entertainment information in the most attractive and interesting manner. Sources have spoken about viewers spending more time on the art works having Trajan as a font. Apart from Hollywood, you will find Trajan font used in religious works and wedding art works. You might as well visit Flickr to see a few works on Trajan.

Segoe UI: The first picks are based on the industry trends. But Segoe UI is my personal favorite pick any day. I have been using this font almost for about 5 years now. This font brings in great sense of professionalism and looks great. Also, I have got numerous testimonials for presenting our documentation and branding well. I would personally recommend you to try and use Segoe UI.

Times New Roman: There are quite a few blogs on fonts that talk about the psychology of why and how people use fonts, but I have hardly seen any people writing about Times New Roman. Times New Roman is mostly used by writers and bloggers and this font brings in a sense of simplicity in the reader as the blogs and scripts are done with the intention of being inclined to the reader.

Museo Sans: Museo Sans is developed taking Serif font into consideration. The paring of Serif with major up-gradations in the font makes the reading experience just amazing. This font has just started being accepted and we will see a lot of them using Museo Sans soon. The font is mostly being used in portfolio websites and personal profiles.

Futura: A sense of efficiency and forwardness future comes with large fonts and layer spaces and is largely accepted by corporate entities. The development base of future has been Geometry and those who hate this font are definitely the mathematics haters.

Bickham Script Pro: Mostly used in formal occasions and accepted by a premium set of people, Bickham Script Pro gives the reader a sense of love and integrity. You will mostly find this font used in the American wedding invitations, get-togethers etc.

Though there are many good fonts and more and more are being developed, in this entry we have only written on 7 of the best.

Manmeet Singh

I currently hold the editor-level position with DesigningTips.com and Founder as well. With a group of online & offline companies under the Soofi Group in my kitty, writing for the design genre was an interesting support to DesigningTips.com. In my opinion, everyone has their taste for design, plus the scope of writing is wide and thus the contribution I make here through words would encourage me to explore this section aptly.

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